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Boulevard . City of Bellingham Parks and Recreation Design and Development Division. Over Water Walkway. Greenway Committee Meeting April 4, 2013 Presented by Gina Gobo Austin, PE. New Waterfront Trail. Over Water Walkway. Vicinity Map. Why Build an Over Water Walkway?

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  1. Boulevard City of Bellingham Parks and RecreationDesign and Development Division Over Water Walkway Greenway Committee Meeting April 4, 2013 Presented by Gina Gobo Austin, PE

  2. New Waterfront Trail Over Water Walkway Vicinity Map

  3. Why Build an Over Water Walkway? • Public demand for visual and physical access to the waterfront • Provide trail connection to the waterfront district • Remove existing damaged wharf, dock, and piling at Boulevard Park as mitigation Cornwall Landfill Existing Eelgrass • South State Street Walkway Alignment Boulevard Park Proposed Layout

  4. Waterfront Projects are a Priority • Waterfront Futures Group Vision and Framework Plan 2004 “Improve waterfront access.” • Park, Recreation and Open Space Plan 2008 • “Waterfront projects... [are]… • a high priority.” • Shoreline Master Program • Final Draft 2009 • “…increase public • accessto the • shoreline...”

  5. Taylor Dock, A Popular Attraction • Coast Millennium Trail Route • Alternative Transportation Route • Successful eelgrass mitigation results • Over 500,000 users per year • Supports Economic Vitality

  6. Over Water Walkway & the South Bay Trail Wharf Street New Waterfront Trail Future Waterfront Park • Legend • Over Water Walkway • Railroad • South Bay Trail • Waterfront Trail • Cornwall Avenue Landfill Site • SSSMGP Cleanup Site Waterfront Trail

  7. Over Water Walkway &the South Bay Trail • South Bay Trail is… • Direct link to downtown Bellingham • Horizontally separated from the waterfront by the railroad 40 to 150 feet from shoreline • Vertically 20 to 40 feet above shoreline • Access to waterfront from South Bay Trail requires… • Two at-grade railroad crossings • No sidewalks on Wharf Street, Wharf may close • Steep grades via Wharf Street that don’t meet ADA • 1.1 mile back-tracking to get to new waterfront park

  8. Wharf Street

  9. Wharf Street

  10. Public Process 2002 through 2013 • Waterfront Futures Group Public Participation 2004 • PRO Plan, Comp Plan Update, TIP, STIP, City Capital Budget Approval • Whatcom County Council of Governments Listed Project • Bellingham Bay Action Team Bimonthly Meetings and Status Updates • Monthly Email Updates to Interested Parties • Public Comment Tracker Posted to Website and Updated Monthly • Project Website Created in 2008 • Public meeting June 26, 2008 • Updates to Park Board &Greenway Advisory Board since February 2009 • 500ft Neighborhood Mailer Sent May 15, 2010 • Project Signs Posted at the Site May 17, 2010 • City Council May 2010, January 2011 • SEPA Public Mailing Notice June 2010 • Hearing Examiner Mailing and Notice 2010 • Hearing Examiner Public Meeting November 17, 2010 • City Council March 2013

  11. Project Status and Timeline • $4M Greenway Levy III • $2.1M Federal Grant • $150k REET • $600k PIF • Feasibility Report 2008 • 60% Design is Complete • SEPA & JARPA June 2010 • Construction Docs Pending Discussions with Tribes • Construction Start 2015 at the soonest 14’-0” To Cornwall Walkway Photo Simulation

  12. Permit Status

  13. “In consideration of the city Hearing Examiner’s record and the excellent staff report, and based on extensive field investigation, Ecology has determined that the proposed over-water walkway may be allowed.” “Ecology has also determined that marine mammal and avian wildlife will not be unduly disturbed. The large separation from the nearshore eelgrass and macroalgae beds, juvenile samonid migratory corridor, and marine bird foraging areas provides an adequate buffer from human activities along the walkway.”

  14. “Adequate opportunity for public comment was provided...” pg. 37 “The applicant as adequately addressed issues relevant to the Shoreline Conditional Use Permit...” pg. 38 “The applicant has demonstrated compliance with the requirements of the SMP...” pg. 39 “The applicant has demonstrated compliance with the requirement of WAC…”pg. 39

  15. “The applicant has demonstrated that the proposal can comply with the requirements of the CAO...” pg. 40 “The applicant has demonstrated consistency with the policies of RCW…” pg. 39 “…the proposal will not cause significant adverse effects to the shoreline environment…” pg. 39 “The public interest will not suffer substantial detrimental effects from the proposal, but will be served by it…” pg. 39

  16. Habitat Restoration & Mitigation • Mitigating design elements include: • Minimize eelgrass impacts • Walkway grating • Provide fifty-foot spans to minimize new piling • Limit armoring to above the OHWM • Remove 87 creosote-treated piles, vertical concrete seawall, 8 steel H-piles, & 13 additional creosote-treated piles • Additional agency requirements: • Baseline eelgrass surveys • Eelgrass Monitoring and Mitigation Plan Cornwall Landfill Existing Eelgrass • South State Street Walkway Alignment Boulevard Park

  17. Cleanup Actions • Construction will be coordinated with three cleanup sites • A formal notification for planned actions will be provided • Documentation to Ecology will include • description of the planned action • relationship to the cleanup action identified in the consent decree • steps to minimize sediment disturbance • post-construction monitoring/results, and • planned contingencies Cornwall Landfill Boulevard Over Water Walkway Whatcom Waterway Area 9 SSSMGP Pattle Point Over Water Walkway Taylor Dock Over Water Walkway

  18. For more information and project updates, visit the www.cob.org and enter “Over Water Walkway” in the search box. City of Bellingham Parks and RecreationDesign and Development Division

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