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Monerans. Oldest Life on Earth Mr. Kempfer 7 th Grade Science. Monerans. Single celled No nucleus Most commonly known as Bacteria Appeared 3.5 billion years ago Most numerous organism 2.5 billion bacteria in a gram of soil How are bacteria different from other cells?.

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Oldest Life on Earth

Mr. Kempfer

7th Grade Science


  • Single celled

  • No nucleus

  • Most commonly known as Bacteria

  • Appeared 3.5 billion years ago

  • Most numerous organism

    • 2.5 billion bacteria in a gram of soil

  • How are bacteria different from other cells?

Types of bacteria
Types of Bacteria

  • Shapes of bacteria

    • Coiled, ball, rod, candy-apple, blobs

  • Can be any color

    • Red, yellow, blue, purple

  • Found in water, air, soil and other organisms

Amazing bacteria
Amazing Bacteria

  • Some bacteria live in volcanoes, boiling water, glaciers, acid pools and at very high pH’s

  • Bacteria are simple but still perform all of the functions necessary for life.

  • How would this be an advantage on early Earth?

Structure of bacteria
Structure of Bacteria

  • Have a cell wall

    • Protects and gives shape

  • Cell Membrane

    • Lets stuff in and out

  • Cytoplasm

  • No nucleus

    • Genetic material just floats in the cytoplasm

  • What parts do bacteria share with other cells?

Movement of bacteria
Movement of Bacteria

  • Most bacteria can’t move on their own.

    • Moves by air, water or hitches a ride

  • Some have flagellum

    • Whip like tails that propel them through a liquid.

  • Why do bacteria need to move?

Life functions of bacteria
Life Functions of Bacteria

  • Some need oxygen, some don’t

  • Most are heterotrophs

  • Some are parasites

  • Some are decomposers

  • Some are autotrophs

  • Some eat sulfur and iron

  • Why do you think bacteria are so diverse?


  • Bacteria reproduce by splitting into 2

  • Can double their numbers in 20 minutes

  • In 24 hours could weigh 2 million kilograms!!!

  • In 5 days would weigh more than the Earth!!!

?What keeps this from happening?

Bacteria in control
Bacteria in Control

  • Reproduction depends on food supply.

  • When there’s no food, bacteria form an endospore.

  • This is like a suit of armor against the environment

  • Bacteria can survive bleach, boiling, freezing and radiation in an endospore

  • When would a bacteria need an endospore?

Bacteria in nature
Bacteria in Nature

  • Bacteria are an essential part of the food and energy relationships that link all life on Earth.

  • Decomposers, Producers, food for consumers

  • Oxygen producers

    • Why is this important?


  • Bacteria are the first to move into a new area and populate it.

    • Volcanic areas

    • Forest fires

  • Symbiotic Relationships

    • Help us digest food

    • Give plants nitrogen

  • How does this help an ecosystem?

Bacteria and humans
Bacteria and Humans

  • Bacteria are used in the production of food, fuel, medicines and other products.

  • Some, though, can spoil food, cause diseases and poison water.

  • Name a bad bacteria.

Bacteria and food
Bacteria and Food

  • Used to make cheese, yogurt, pickles, sour cream, soy sauce, vinegar, high-fructose corn syrup (sugars)

  • Blue-green algae are 70% protein…yum!

  • We heat food to kill bad bacteria

  • What can bad bacteria do to food?

Bacteria as fuel
Bacteria as Fuel

  • Certain bacteria can break down fruit rinds, dead plants, manure and sewage to make methane gas (natural gas)

  • Dead bacteria and other stuff became crude oil in time


  • Bacteria is used to make anitbiotics

    • Chemicals that poison other bad bacteria

  • Bacteria can cause …

    • Strep throat, pneumonia, tetanus and Lyme disease.

  • Can antibiotics fight a virus?

Bacteria and industry
Bacteria and Industry

  • Used to tan leather

  • Extract copper, silver and gold from rock

  • Coloring food, cosmetics, removing stains and changing chemicals.

  • Damages asphalt, water and gas pipes and oil drilling machinery.

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