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ASSURE UNIT PLAN Amanda Martin November 10, 2004 Analyze Learners Honors Sophomore English (14-16 yrs) Prerequisites to be completed before beginning of unit: Have read book Purchased a composition notebook State Objectives

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assure unit plan


Amanda Martin

November 10, 2004

analyze learners
Analyze Learners
  • Honors Sophomore English (14-16 yrs)
  • Prerequisites to be completed before beginning of unit:
    • Have read book
    • Purchased a composition notebook
state objectives
State Objectives
  • RLA.10.1.3- Increase the amount of independent reading with emphasis on American, British and World literature.
  • RLA.10.1.10- Expand vocabulary through reading classic literature.
  • RLA.10.1.8- Recognize and interpret the author’s choice of literary devices (e.g., personification; symbolism; imagery; metaphor; simile; humor; rhythm; rhyme; meter; alliteration; assonance).
  • RLA.10.3.2- Employ appropriate classroom communication skills (e.g., asking and answering questions to foster comprehension and communication in appropriate tone and at the appropriate time).
  • RLA.10.3.5- Practice and master listening, speaking and viewing by using a variety of techniques (e.g., videos, power point presentations; audiotape; web pages).
select methods media and material
Select Methods, Media, and Material

Materials Needed

  • Classroom set of “To Kill a Mockingbird”
  • Pencils
  • Red ink pens
  • Internet
  • Printer / Copier
  • Power Point
  • Overhead projector
  • Transparencies
select methods media and material5
Select Methods, Media, and Material

Websites Used

  • This is a website that breaks the book down by chapter, giving discussion questions and writing assignments for each.
  • – web site that will be used in Day Two’s activity
  • - web site for Day Four’s activity
  • - possible alternative lesson plans
day one
Day One
  • Respond to writing prompt in their journals.
  • Will be given a list of vocabulary words taken from the text.
  • Will re-read an assigned chapter and write a 2-3 page summary.
day two
Day Two
  • Summaries will be collected.
  • Begin an assignment on Web Quest.
  • Homework for the evening will be to finish answering their explorer questions
day three
Day Three
  • Continue working on the previous day’s Web Quest assignment.
  • Group will collectively write the designated paper and will turn it, and their explorer questions, before the end of class.
day four
Day Four
  • Power Point presentation on literary devices.
  • Handouts of the slides will be distributed so students may take notes.
  • Apply these devices by writing a song, poem, or short story about the text for homework.
day five
Day Five
  • Songs, poems, and short stories will be collected.
  • Respond to writing prompt in their journals
  • Will be assigned another Web Quest (individually).
  • Study guide will be given; should be completed for homework.
day six
Day Six
  • Will be given quiz on vocabulary words
  • Turn in their letters and journals.
  • Review study guide
  • Jeopardy for bonus points
day seven
Day Seven
  • Will be given the test.
  • New vocabulary words on board; define when finished with test
day eight
Day Eight
  • All graded material on the Mockingbird unit will be returned to the student.
require learner participation
Require Learner Participation
  • Research assignments
  • Essay questions
evaluate and revise
Evaluate and Revise
  • Short writing assignments, both creative pieces and essays
  • Journal
  • Quizzes and a tests.