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How to design SEO Friendly Website for better ranking PowerPoint Presentation
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How to design SEO Friendly Website for better ranking

How to design SEO Friendly Website for better ranking

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How to design SEO Friendly Website for better ranking

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  1. How to design SEO Friendly Website for better ranking SEO Company in Noida, Live Tech Services told about latest updated SEO friendly website technique, through which you can drive more traffic, clicks & sales to your business. If you want people to find your website in search engine, then you need to use SEO on your website. As a marketing tool, your website should be built upon a solid digital marketing strategy with a clear business model. If that’s unclear, then you need to revisit that first. There are a few core elements that set the stage for SEO friendly website design process.

  2. 1. Keyword Research When designing a search engine friendly site, keyword research is the most important factor of site optimization. If you are searching keywords, you should use keyword planner, word tracker tool etc. through which help you can research keywords. Generally, peoples search medium competition & high search volume but if you want to get fast keyword ranking so you need to prefer low competition & high search volume keywords. But carefully it can be harmful to your site to search more low competition keywords. 2. Place keywords strategically • Researching for the keyword is a complex chore, but what holds more complexity is correct placement of researched keywords. • Place keywords in the URL. • Place keywords in the Meta Title, Description. • You need to care about keyword density & stuffing when you put keywords in content optimization.

  3. 3. Include Meta and title tags For making SEO friendly website design you need to write Meta title, description & keywords in particular page. But you should be care about limit of character, words & relevancy. Don't neglect to include a Meta keyword tag to reveal the most important keywords for each page to search engine spiders.

  4. 4. H1 Tag H1 Tag play the vital role in for making seo friendly website. Mostly you should write the important keyword in H1 who you want to focus relate to your business on the home page. 5. Use images sparingly Apart from the logo or any other specific symbol, the text of the website should be kept away from images. The size and the placement of the image also need to be watched. 6. Check Your Domains Your business may use as the primary domain. But you may have others. Another URL is But for SEO friendly site all subdomains 301 redirect back to the main URL We have few domain variations that 301 redirect back to the main URL.

  5. 7. Hosting Your hosting is also important. A slow site makes for unhappy users. Your hosting should follow common-sense rules. Be situated where your audience is situated. Be fast. Be platform-specific, if necessary. WP Engine is a great example, as it provides a platform tailored to WordPress websites. Conclusion SEO Company in Delhi NCR, Live Tech Services discuss above strategies for making SEO friendly website. Through which help you can get easily ranking in search engine. By SEO & paid search you can easily get traffic, clicks & lead generation.