guidelines to design seo friendly website n.
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seo friendly website design structure PowerPoint Presentation
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seo friendly website design structure

seo friendly website design structure

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seo friendly website design structure

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  1. Guidelines To Design SEO friendlyWebsite

  2. Do you know that your business deserves a well-designed and highly optimized website?

  3. Your website is a vital medium to keep in touch with your potential clients.

  4. Responsive, Effective Focused Designs Matter! So what should you do? Gear up for some SEO friendly design –focused tips.

  5. Search Engine Friendly Coding

  6. Not only a jaw-dropping design, but also clean coding always helps to get ranking in major search engines.

  7. Add Taste makertoYour Website

  8. Use web graphics to garnish your website, but do not cover up your content with it. This is important to create a SEO friendly website design

  9. Hot-n-Fresh Content Keep your website updated with good and fresh content, because visitors scrutinize you through texts visible on your website. Make it crisp, ‘indexable’ and to the point

  10. K I S S Use relevant URLs so as to Keep It Short And Simple.

  11. Your half job is done when the user is able to identify the content of your page through its URL.

  12. Ideally the meta title should define the content of the page. Search engines give importance to pages with relevant meta title and description. Keyword rich Meta Title, Description and Tags

  13. Proper Website Page Structure And Navigation

  14. Google gives higher SERP to fast loading websites. • Delayed websites are usually abandoned by users Swift Loading Website

  15. Do Not Use JavaScript Web Navigation SystemsThis can cause problems by preventing the search engines to crawl your content CODE

  16. Do not use frames on your website design, because these can be bad for SEO, causing inaccessibility and other usability problems Avoid Using Frames

  17. Implementing valid HTML code improves search engine friendliness and reduces indexing problems. Use Valid HTML Code

  18. Concluding Words…..

  19. All these tips will help to create a SEO friendly website. • Sometimes it can be tough to keep updated with the changes of SEO, but this not impossible. • In a nutshell search engines love clean and well-formulated website, which makes it easy to crawl, index and rank.

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