5 more best practices for increasing response rates for your email program by lor l marketing group n.
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5 More Best Practices For Increasing Email Response Rates PowerPoint Presentation
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5 More Best Practices For Increasing Email Response Rates

5 More Best Practices For Increasing Email Response Rates

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5 More Best Practices For Increasing Email Response Rates

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  1. 5 More Best Practices For Increasing Response Rates For Your Email Programby Lorél Marketing Group

  2. With all of the advertising and message distractions today, it is more difficult to break through this clutter, especially with email. • A brand needs to pay attention to the needs, behavior and profile requests of the customer. • Lorél Marketing Group has some best practice ideas for you to help you create an email program that pays attention to your target audience and delivers a better and deeper response for you.

  3. 1. Consider Your Customer’s Lifestyle and Demographic Factors to Positively Affect Your Email Open Rates • Consider lifestyles of your customers to target delivery times when your audience is most likely to be interested in your products • Consider industry trends to support your offers • Plan emails to include messages that resonate with your audience.

  4. 2. Use A/B Testing to Help You Deliver the Most Relevant Message to Your Customers • It is a good idea to test at least one point of difference in each type of email publication you send. • Test message copy • Test message and content placement • Test send times • Test subject lines

  5. 3. Monitor Key Performance to You Understand What Resonates With Your Customers • Monitor standard KPIs such as click through and open rates, unsubscribes, AOV, etc. • Monitor referral and bounce rates to manage list growth • Monitor post email activity: website activity once users click through

  6. 4. Conduct Internal and External Benchmarking to Help You Understand Your Program Potential • Compare your initiative with other internal campaigns to gain understanding and ideas • Compare your initiative to previous similar initiatives, understanding all relevant influences (internal, external, behavior, etc.) • Compare your initiative to industry standards

  7. 5. Have a Consumer Privacy and Regulatory Compliance Policy to Increase Customer Trust and Driver Deeper Engagement • Establish and maintain trust with your customers • Adhere to your privacy policy

  8. A Closing Remark: • Well-conceived email programs that are based on customer profiles, needs, and behavior will deliver better results and sales for you. • Email can be an effective and high-ROI tactic for you.

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