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Intelligent/Smart Classroom PowerPoint Presentation
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Intelligent/Smart Classroom

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Intelligent/Smart Classroom - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Intelligent/Smart Classroom. By: Bethany Piernikowski Arielle Bandes Haliena Snowden Marzana Parvin. Computers Smart boards Visual learning materials Interwrite school pads Content software Instant assessment technology. Projectors DVD players Microphone systems

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Intelligent/Smart Classroom

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    Presentation Transcript
    1. Intelligent/Smart Classroom By: Bethany Piernikowski Arielle Bandes Haliena Snowden Marzana Parvin

    2. Computers Smart boards Visual learning materials Interwrite school pads Content software Instant assessment technology Projectors DVD players Microphone systems Mobile presentation carts Audio learning materials Tablet computers Smart Classrooms include

    3. Advantages Visual learning Show presentations Record lectures and play them back Keep interest of students New way of teaching and learning Disadvantages The computer shuts down It locks Teachers are not up to date on technology Cost Rely too much on technology Pro’s and Con’s

    4. Projector • Computer data • Video images • Internet connections • Captures student attention • Useful for a bigger audience

    5. Computers • Internet access • Contact with teachers • Show presentations • Show visual clips • Play audio clips • Can connect with other students around the world/campus

    6. Smart Boards • Controls computer applications • Energizes presentations • Mobile or stationary • More visual learning • Interactive between teachers and students

    7. Other Equipment Microphone system • Projects teachers voice throughout the room and grabs students attention Visual learning materials • Students benefit from learning and interaction Mobile presentation carts • Enables teachers to move around the classroom with the equipment

    8. Other Equipment Cont. Interwrite school pads • Enables teachers to interact with a projected image Content software • Software used to load the equipment Tablet computers • Mini electronic notepad Instant assessment technologies • Allows students to participate and receive credit

    9. Opinion Ours: • As a whole, we believe that if the teacher is technologically efficient than having an Intelligent/ Smart class will only enhance the teaching environment. Teachers: • The teachers who are trained benefit from these classrooms because it is convenient for them.

    10. Conclusion • They have become more popular • More schools are making it mandatory to include these classrooms • Makes classrooms integrated with technology • Beneficial for both the students and the teachers