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The Mixed-Up Toy Store

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The Mixed-Up Toy Store - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Mixed-Up Toy Store. An Attribute Adventure. An Integrated WebQuest by Judy Downey. Home Overview Introduction Tasks Process Evaluation Conclusion. Overview.

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The Mixed-Up Toy Store

An Attribute Adventure

An Integrated WebQuest

by Judy Downey

HomeOverviewIntroduction Tasks ProcessEvaluationConclusion


This integrated math, science, and language arts WebQuest is designed to help K-2 students to better understand how to classify and describe objects by their attributes.

This lesson follows the following Georgia Performance Standards:

M1G2. Students will compare, contrast, and/or classify geometric shapes by the common attributes of position, shape, size, number of sides, and number of corners.

S1CS5. Students will communicate scientific ideas and activities clearly.

a. Describe and compare things in terms of number, shape, texture, size, weight, color, and motion.

HomeOverviewIntroductionTasks ProcessEvaluation Conclusion



My name is Mr. G.Ometry.

I need your help! I left for lunch and my assistant fell asleep. All the toys in my toy store have been mixed up. I like things very neat and orderly. Children cannot find what they want if the toys are all mixed up. Please help me get my store back in order.

HomeOverviewIntroduction Tasks ProcessEvaluationConclusion


The Task

If you are willing to take the job, it is yours! Here is the plan:

You will work in a work team of four to help me reorganize my toy store.

I would like everything sorted or classified into areas according to similar attributes.

Here is the best part- You will learn about classifying objects. Classifying is used in math and science. You probably use it to sort your baseball cards or other collections.

HomeOverviewIntroductionTasks ProcessEvaluation Conclusion


ProcessYou will work in groups to help me reorganize my toy store. I would like everything sorted or classified into areas according to similar attributes.

  • Learn about attributes. Before you begin, you will have to learn what I mean by an attribute. (Click on the word to learn more.)
  • Use the teddy bear page and work with your team to list words that describe the teddy bear. (You are listing its attributes.)
  • When we sort we put objects that are alike into the same group.

Look for the shape that is not the same in this fun game on bin/ob.cgi?A1=s&A2=2&INSTRUCTS=1

  • Practice sorting using your choice of manipulatives pattern blocks, linking shapes, orbuttons. You will work in awork team of four. One person will sort the objects into two groups. The other team members will try to guess what attribute was used to sort the objects (For example: big things and not big things). Let each team member have a turn sorting.

HomeOverviewIntroductionTasks ProcessEvaluationConclusion

more of the process
More of the Process
  • Use a Venn diagram to sort objects using two attributes.

You will use KidPix for this activity.

Print out directions here.

  • Sort recyclable objects in the park. Go to to sort items.
  • Now that you know how to sort by attributes, you are ready for the big job of reorganizing my toy store.
    • First print out the mixed-up toy page.
    • Cut the pictures apart and work together to sort the toys into groups.
    • They must be sorted by at least two attributes. (i.e. small, noisy toys )
    • Then design shelves for each group. You may use a computer program, paper, boxes, etc. Glue the toys onto the shelves. You could add extra toys of your own!
    • Finally, you must label each shelf of toys with the attributes you used to classify.

HomeOverviewIntroductionTasks ProcessEvaluation Conclusion


You will be evaluated on how well you worked with your team. You will also be evaluated by your creativity and appropriate classifications.

  • You have done a great job! You have learned about attributes and classifying. You have also helped get my toy store in order. Now you can organize anything- just like a scientist!
  • Pick a topic. It could be rocks, cards, books, animals, or any other collection of things. Classify them into groups. Display your classifications with clear labels.
  • Suggestions:
  • Picture Book
  • Poster
  • Power Point
  • KidPix Poster

HomeOverviewIntroductionTasks ProcessEvaluation Conclusion


Attribute means a characteristic of something. It is one way of describing something. It could be its size, shape, color, texture, or other similar characteristic.

HomeOverviewIntroductionTasks ProcessEvaluation Conclusion

directions for venn diagram
Directions for Venn Diagram
  • For this activity you may work alone or with a partner from your work team.
  • Use Kidpix on the computer for this project.
  • Open to a new page in Kidpix. Use the oval on the drawing toolbar. Make two oval overlap in the middle like this.



  • Then use the typewriter to label each oval with a different attribute.
  • Next use the stamps to add pictures that fit each category. Don’t forget the middle category when the object has both the attributes.
  • Add your name and print your work.

Work Team Members:________________________________


Work together to list attributes of this teddy bear.