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Internet Strategies

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Internet Strategies. for Advanced Users. Get Them Where They Are. Your potential college students are already on social networking websites They visit these sites daily They visit your website only when they have to They check these sites more often than email

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Internet Strategies

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internet strategies

Internet Strategies

for Advanced Users

get them where they are
Get Them Where They Are

Your potential college students are already on social networking websites

  • They visit these sites daily
    • They visit your website only when they have to
  • They check these sites more often than email
    • Many use messaging systems within social networking websites instead of email
get them where they are3
Get Them Where They Are

Imagine a magazine read daily by hundreds of millions of college-age people.

  • What would you pay to advertise in that magazine?
  • Would you try to create a competing publication?
get them where they are4
Get Them Where They Are

Facebook is even better than that hypothetical magazine.

  • Target users of an exact age
  • Target users in your immediate geographic area
  • Target users that are currently at a certain degree level, or are currently attending a certain school
  • Do all of these things for free or at a very low cost


Where They Already Are

facebook an overview
Facebook: An Overview
  • Originally meant only for college students
  • Opened to the public in September 2006
  • Over 400 million users worldwide
    • If it were a nation, it would rank 3rd after China & India.
  • Free to use, even for marketing purposes

facebook pages
Facebook: Pages

Facebook allows for makers of products and services, owner of companies and fans of teams, celebrities or TV shows to create Pages

Facebook Pages are a marketing presence on one of the most popular websites in the world, and they are free

Facebook Pages offer a way to deliver information and content to Facebook users

“Becoming a fan” lets all of a users friends know about that a user approves of the Page’s product or service

facebook pages8
Facebook: Pages

Get data, stats and graphs with info about your pages performance and demographic data about your Fans

Send “Updates” out to Fans with information about your latest news and events into their Facebook accounts

Fans can discuss your college with each other, and share pictures and videos of your college all under your moderation

Pages exist indefinitely; potential new students get to see what former students had to say

facebook events
Facebook: Events

Facebook allows users to create Events, and to “RVSP” to these Events as “Attending”, “Not Attending” or “Maybe”

  • When a user creates or RVSPs to an event, all of that user’s friends are informed, creating a viral, word-of-mouth chain reaction
  • Events can be synced with other internet calendars like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Create Events for things happening at your college


What are you doing?

what if people want to know what your college is doing right now
What if people want to know what your college is doing right now?

Twitter is many things to many people, but it is primarily known as a micro-blogging service

  • Twitter is less involved than traditional blogs, but also more social than traditional blogs
  • Twitter explained:
  • What is your college doing right now?
colleges use twitter
Colleges Use Twitter

Some colleges are already using Twitter to communicate to former, current and potential students

Colgate gave a Twitter account to a student ( ) and his updates were posted to the Colgate homepage ( )

colleges use twitter14
Colleges Use Twitter
  • Some other colleges tweeting:
    • Amherst:
    • Boston University:
    • Central Connecticut State University:
    • Dean College:
    • Emerson College:
    • Framingham State College:
    • Harvard Extension:
automating your twitter account
Automating your Twitter Account

The website TwitterFeed ( ) allows the contents of RSS feeds to be posted into your Twitter stream

  • Your site’s RSS feed
  • Your college’s online calendar
  • Your college’s YouTube account
  • News and blog searches for your college
  • Facebook notes from your college’s Facebook page
  • Social bookmarks of your site or about your college
others ways to get em

Others Ways to Get ‘Em

More Places They Already Are

other way to engage
Other Way to Engage
  • YouTube, Flickr, Picasa, Vimeo
  • Other social networks: MySpace, LinkedIn, Orkut, Bebo, hi5
  • Roll your own: Ning, Google Friend Connect, Facebook Connect
  • Stay open to new ways to have your content available for users to review and share
  • Always remember to get them where they already are: their websites, their accounts, amongst their friends and peers
dan russell
Dan Russell

Senior Associate, Internet Marketing

Charter Oak State College

credits thanks
Credits & Thanks

Thanks to Charter Oak State College for allowing me to do this on the clock, NYSTAA for hosting the event, all of you for attending, Alex Ott for allowing me to present, and to Lee LeFever for his excellent CommonCraft “in Plain English” videos.