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Drag to Learn...? Racers

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Drag to Learn...? Racers - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Drag to Learn...? Racers. Teigan Boyson Ford vs. Mopar @ Pueblo , Colorado 2007. John Shields Wheatland, Wyoming. John Shields Wheatland, Wyoming. Mark and Carol Knickerbocker Drag To Learn…? 2007 Platte County Parade Wheatland, Wyoming. Mark vs. Rod Moss 2006 Ford vs. Mopar

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Presentation Transcript

Teigan Boyson

Ford vs. Mopar @Pueblo, Colorado



John Shields

Wheatland, Wyoming


John Shields

Wheatland, Wyoming


Mark and Carol Knickerbocker

Drag To Learn…?

2007 Platte County Parade

Wheatland, Wyoming


Mark vs. Rod Moss

2006 Ford vs. Mopar

Pueblo, Colorado


Joe Larson

Douglas, Wyoming


Dan Mayfield

Douglas, Wyoming


Gary Stinson

Douglas, Wyoming


Lee Beard- Crew Chief and Whit Bazemore- Driver

Matco Tools Top Fuel Dragster

David Powers Motorsports


Drag to Learn...? Team

Owners: Mark and Carol Knickerbocker

Driver: Mark Knickerbocker

Crew: Carol Knickerbocker, John “Austin” Shields, Joe “Medlen” Herstein,

Dustin “Jimmy” Boyson

Motor: Scott Main / MPG Heads

Transmission: Larry Shaw / Shaw Racing

Rear Suspension: Bart Roundy / Ragged Edge Race Cars

Rear End and Driveline: Bill and Brian Percival / Front Range Driveline


Drag To Learn Supporters:

Wheatland,WY: Douglas, WY:

Laramie Peak Motors Bank of the West

Brown Company Link Oil Company

Amazing Monogramming Village Inn

Ace Hardware

Jenkins Auto Body Racers:

Jennifer and Brooke Raser Keck Racing & Hot

Bank of the West Rod Sales

Lynda Lenz, State Farm Ins. Dan Mayfield

Best Western Torchlight Inn Gary Stinson

Drube Supply Joe Larson

Wheatland Automotive V. Gaines

Consolidated Manufacturing Dave and Ann Nyberg

Wind and Wings Program

Cheyenne, WY:

Lusk, Wyoming: Elite Auto Glass

Niobrara Electric Assoc.

Clermont, GA:

Knicks Trucking

“Thank you for your support of our kids!”