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Routine Eye Care

Routine Eye Care is an essential component of overall eye health for residents of Boulder and Denver, CO. In every stage of life, it is important to make sure the eyes are developing properly to possibly prevent future complications such as blindness. Preventative eye care is very valuable, especially in children, because the earlier complications are noticed, the easier they are to fix.

For Children

Children should have regular eye examinations even before they start school at around five years old. Regular eye examinations early in life will help give the eye care professional a chance to catch any harmful eye conditions, such as lazy eye or an eye muscle imbalance, before permanent damage can take place.

In Young Adults

School age children who are having trouble in school may be suffering from problems with their vision, so it is imperative that they get proper eye care. Teenagers who are preparing to drive should also get regular eye examinations, as good eyesight will aid in accident prevention.

In Adults

Healthy individuals in Boulder and Denver, CO, who are 18 and older should get an eye examination every one to two years. For individuals that wear contact lenses, however, eye exams should take place every year. After the age of 40, age-related eye conditions become more common. After age 60, eye complications such as glaucoma and cataracts occur more frequently. Catching these problems early is paramount, since they are easier to fight in their beginning stages.

Exclusive BMW Eyewear Vendor in Boulder

In addition, we are the exclusive vendor of BMW eyewear for the Boulder area. Aspex Eyewear, in conjunction with BMW Group, are offering several custom-made optical and sunwear designs. Each product is crafted with only the highest quality materials available and features the BMW logo. For added durability, the frames come with polarized lenses along with integrated spring hinges.

To see all of the quality brands we have to offer, be sure to visit Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK today.

Eye Conditions

Some of the exceptional services our staff provides include routine eye care, retinal disease and diabetic eye care, glaucoma treatment and corneal disease treatment. We also offer several eye surgery options. BoulderEyes/Beyer LASIK utilizes the most sophisticated technology to provide Laser Vision Correction in order to help our patients achieve the best possible vision. The routine eye care provided by BoulderEyes/Beyer LASIK can help detect the onset of eye problems, providing an opportunity to correct such problems before they develop into full-fledged issues.

Laser Vision Correction

Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK is a leader in Laser Vision Correction (LVC) procedures in the Denver area. Not only do we have some of the most highly decorated doctors in all of Colorado, but we also offer some of the most competitive prices around on all of the procedures we perform.

Denver Spa Services From Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK

At Boulder Eyes / Beyer LASIK, we believe that taking care of yourself goes beyond vision correction. That’s why we offer Denver spa services and treatments that help you relax and unwind while enhancing your natural beauty.

Our calm, serene atmosphere will give you a reprieve from your hectic day, while our skilled professional nurses will help you feel more beautiful than ever before. Our cutting-edge spa services include:

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