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Transformation Project

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Transformation Project - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Transformation Project. By Lauren Grade 5. Acrostic Poem G iraffes have long legs and neck I n watch of predators R acing across the African plains A lways watches over young ones F ear of lions F inding food for their young E ats sharp thorny twigs and leaves By Lauren .

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Presentation Transcript

Transformation Project

By Lauren

Grade 5


Acrostic Poem

Giraffes have long legs and neck

In watch of predators

Racing across the African plains

Always watches over young ones

Fear of lions

Finding food for their young

Eats sharp thorny twigs and leaves

By Lauren


Cinquain Poem


Tall,short ears

Fast as a horse,

Long spotted necks and legs,

Fears of lions,running free in Africa,


By Lauren


Why I want to be a Giraffe!

By Lauren

I want to be a giraffe because when a giraffe walks or runs it covers about 15 feet each stride. I want to be a giraffe so I could be as fast as a horse and be 20 feet tall. Maybe I could be taller than 20 feet. I would like to be a giraffe so I could have long beautiful eyelashes and I would have long legs and a long neck to see almost everything over the trees. I wouldn’t want to be a giraffe because they eat sharp,sharp thorny twigs and that would hurt my mouth. Oww!! I also wouldn’t want to be a giraffe because they have short ears and their predators are lions so they might not hear the lions and the babies could get killed.