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State of Missouri Rental Services Contract PowerPoint Presentation
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State of Missouri Rental Services Contract

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State of Missouri Rental Services Contract
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State of Missouri Rental Services Contract

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Presentation Transcript

    1. State of Missouri Rental Services Contract Presentations by: Cindy Dixon, OA/State Fleet Management Matt Gandy, Enterprise Teddie Velleri, OA/Accounting Carla Ahrens. OA/Risk Management CindyCindy

    2. CindyCindy

    3. Why Consider Rental Vehicles? Almost always more cost effective than mileage reimbursement Consideration of rental vehicles is required in SP-12, State Vehicular Travel Policy Use the Trip Optimizer! CindyCindy

    4. Mileage Reimbursement Data CindyCindy

    5. Number of Business Miles CindyCindy

    6. New Contact Person for Enterprise Matt Gandy 573-634-7054 (office) 573-645-1225 (cell) CindyCindy

    7. Transition Issues Reservations made up through 11/10/06 billed at the old rate (regardless of the actual travel date). Reservations made on or after 11/11/06 billed at new rate CindyCindy

    8. New Contract Features Simplified Pricing Cargo van now on contract Broader Definition of Instate Rental New Monday Morning Program for Jefferson City branch location New Month-or-More Program CindyCindy

    9. Pricing Simplified Pricing Reduced customer numbers from 7 to 2 Instate (4MOSTIN) Out of state (4MOSTAL) Same rate for out of state branch locations and out of state airport locations Liability included in all out of state rates CindyCindy

    10. Vehicle Types Sedans Compact/Economy Mid Size Full Size Truck Minivan (7 passenger) Cargo Van New! CindyCindy

    11. In State Daily Pricing CindyCindy

    12. Out of State Daily Pricing CindyCindy

    13. New Definition of In-State Rentals Rental must ORIGINATE within the boundaries of the State of Missouri, AND; Travel may occur within the boundaries of: Missouri Kansas Illinois CindyCindy

    14. Miles In State Unlimited Miles for Daily & Weekly rentals Monthly up to 3,000 miles free, $.20 cents per mile thereafter Out of State 200 miles/day included in rental rate, $.20 cents per mile thereafter CindyCindy

    15. Fueling Rental Vehicles Match Policy Return vehicle with same amount of fuel at beginning of rental Consider use of Voyager card Check out cards to employees Establish controls State gets Federal Excise Tax Exemption of 18.3 cents per gallon CindyCindy

    16. Locations 115 in Missouri 38 out of 115 locations have a drop box which allows for after hours drop off List of locations with drop boxes on State Fleet Website Over 6,000 Nationwide MattMatt

    17. Business Hours Mon Friday: 7:30 6:00 PM Saturday: 8:30 12:30 PM Airport Locations: Hours vary by location MattMatt

    18. Reservations Online reservations recommended Call toll free - 1-800-RENT-A-CAR (1-800-736-8222). MattMatt

    19. Grace Periods Jefferson City 2 hours All Other Locations 1 hour Rental Day = 24 hours from checkout MattMatt

    20. JC Monday Morning Hours Jefferson City Enterprise Location (1419 Missouri Boulevard) open at 6:30 am effective 11/20/2006 Reservations should be made in 24 hours in advance Pilot Program for 3 months MattMatt

    21. Month-Or-More Program Discount for multi-month rentals First month rental (at contract rate) Month 2 ($25 discount*) Month 3 ($50 discount*) Months 4 11 ($75 discount*) *off monthly rental rate Complete Month or More form at beginning of rental Agency must report miles monthly to Enterprise MattMatt

    22. Payment Options Two Payment Options Direct Billing Procurement Card Central Travel Desk (preferred)

    23. Direct Billing Direct Billing Still valid payment option under contract Set up direct bill account with Enterprise (form available in Notice of Award document) Provide SAM II Agency/Org number at time of reservation Matt Direct Billing then transition to Teddie for Procurement Card discussionMatt Direct Billing then transition to Teddie for Procurement Card discussion

    24. Procurement Card Preferred method of payment Cardless payment option Easy to set up Control rentals through travel desk coordinator Instructions at Complete Pcard form, Send to Enterprise Ghost customer numbers assigned for each card Collision Damage Coverage (CDW) provided by UMB/Visa Card Use to make reservations with Ghost customer numbers TeddieTeddie

    25. Insurance Collision Damage State Legal Expense Fund Liability included in all Out of State Rental Rates CarlaCarla

    26. In Case of Accident Report all accidents in rental vehicles to OA/Risk Management Complete Automobile Loss Notice Form OA/Risk Management will work with Enterprise to resolve the claim CarlaCarla

    27. Appropriate Use of Rental Vehicles Rental Vehicle - according to State Vehicle Policy (SP-4) is a state vehicle Personal use is prohibited Operators must be state employees Operator means any authorized state employee, individual as provided by law, who is in control of drivers license for the type of vehicle operated. Passengers must be conducting state business Authorized passenger(s) means state employees or other individuals involved in the conduct of state business. See SP-4 for guidance on appropriate use CarlaCarla