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Salamanders!!. A slideshow for Mr. Schuldt’s Class!. Salamanders are Amphibians . This means that they live on land and in water. Before you can handle a salamander, you should wet your hands, or even wash them. 3. 4. Back to question. Back to question.

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PowerPoint Slideshow about 'Salamanders!!' - Leo

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A slideshow for Mr. Schuldt’s Class!

Salamanders are Amphibians. This means that they live on land and in water. Before you can handle a salamander, you should wet your hands, or even wash them.



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If you have dry hands when you touch a salamander, you could irritate his skin and hurt him. Salamanders take in nutrients through their skin, so if you have dirty hands, they take the germs into their body and it could make them very sick!


The Tiger Salamander is the largest breed of land salamander in the Midwest. Their diet includes crickets, worms, and other bugs, as well as small mammals, such as mice.


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Salamanders live really long in captivity, if they are cared for correctly! They can live up to 15 years! That’s old!


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how much do you remember
How much do you remember?

Click each answer you think is right. If you are right, it will take you to the next question, but if you are wrong, it will take you to the slide that tells you the answer. I hope you read this stuff carefully.

Good Luck!

1. What is the largest breed of Midwestern salamander?
  • The spotted Salamander
  • The Tiger Salamander
  • The Big Salamander
  • The Arizona Swimming Salamander
3. What do you do before you touch a salamander?
  • Rub your hands with alcohol
  • Dip them in water
  • Stick them in ice
  • Wash your hands
great job
Great Job!

Wonderful! You read carefully, and now you’re done! You did a great job!! I hope you had fun with my presentation! Have a great day!


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