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Joint Basing Overview PowerPoint Presentation
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Joint Basing Overview

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Joint Basing Overview - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Joint Basing Overview. Lt Col Balzano AF/A7CIB 25 Feb 10. Roadmap. BRAC Joint Basing Overview Guidance/Framework Joint Management Oversight Structure Installation Support Functions Supplemental Guidance for Facilities. BRAC & Joint Basing.

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Joint Basing Overview

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Presentation Transcript

Joint Basing Overview

Lt Col Balzano


25 Feb 10

  • BRAC
  • Joint Basing Overview
  • Guidance/Framework
  • Joint Management Oversight Structure
  • Installation Support Functions
  • Supplemental Guidance for Facilities
brac joint basing
BRAC & Joint Basing
  • Pre BRAC - Separate Military Departments providing similar installation support at bases in close proximity
  • BRAC Recommendation 146
    • Realign 26 bases into 12 joint bases with one Military Department assigned as the lead for installation support at each location
  • Legal requirement to implement Joint Basing no later than September 15, 2011


brac 2005 joint basing
BRAC 2005 - Joint Basing
  • Requires realignment of 26 installations to establish 12 Joint Bases by 2011
    • “Realign (base A) by relocating the installation management functions to (base B), establishing Joint Base (A-B) …” -- HQ & Support Activities Joint Cross-Service Group
  • SecDef Justification recommends transfer of functions to Lead
    • “… the Department anticipates transferring responsibility for all other Base Operating Support (BOS) functions and the Operations and Maintenance (O&M) portion of Sustainment, Restoration, and Modernization (SRM), to the designated receiving location.”
  • Supports the need for common definitions and standards for delivery of Installation Services
  • Requires flexibility in implementation guidance for local requirements
    • Ensure the current guidance will not impact command imperatives of our warfighting capabilities
    • “…the Department requires flexibility to tailor implementation to the unique requirements at each location.” -- HQ & Support Activities Joint Cross-Service Group
joint basing overview
Joint Basing Overview
  • Preserve and Enhance Warfighting Capabilities
  • Optimal Delivery of Installation Support
    • Partnership
      • Business transformation
        • Joint Base Commander (JBC) responsible for delivery of all installation support
        • Authority, personnel, funding, and real property aligned
      • Joint Management Oversight Structure provides oversight
        • Joint Base Partnership Council
        • Intermediate Command Summit
        • Senior Installation Management Group
        • Installations Capability Council
    • Common Framework
      • Implementation Guidance
      • Common Output Level Standards
      • Cost and Performance Visibility Framework
joint basing implementation guidance jbig
Joint Basing Implementation Guidance (JBIG)
  • Signed Jan 22, 2008 by DEPSECDEF
    • FOC accomplished when TOA, real property accountability, & personnel transferred to the lead Military Department (Supporting Component)
    • 2-phased approach
    • Defines 49 installation support functions that will transfer
      • Uses 267 Common Output Level Standards (COLS) as performance standards for installation support functions

Phase I

Phase II


joint basing implementation guidance jbig1
Joint Basing Implementation Guidance (JBIG)
  • Joint Basing Implementation Guidance defines/directs:
    • Transfer of installation support functions
    • Transfer of installation support civilian personnel to the Lead
    • Establishment of a Joint Base Commander
    • Use of common output level standards (COLS)
    • Real property transfer
    • Total obligation authority (TOA) resource transfer
    • Management oversight structure
  • Sub-working Groups (incl. HAF Functional SMEs) developed supplemental guidance and COLS
joint basing
Joint Basing
  • PHASE 1
  • Andrews AFB+NAF Washington = Joint Base Andrews-Naval AirFacility Washington
  • McGuire AFB+Ft Dix + NAES Lakehurst= Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst
  • NAB Little Creek +Ft Story = Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek-Story
  • Naval Base Guam +Andersen AFB= Joint Region Marianas
  • Ft Myer +Henderson Hall= Joint Base Myer-Henderson Hall
  • PHASE 2
  • Charleston AFB+NWS Charleston= Joint Base Charleston
  • Elmendorf AFB+Ft Richardson = Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson
  • Lackland AFB + Randolph AFB+Ft Sam Houston = Joint Base San Antonio
  • Langley AFB+Ft Eustis= Joint Base Langley-Eustis
  • Anacostia Annex +Bolling AFB= Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling
  • NS Pearl Harbor +Hickam AFB= Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam
  • Ft Lewis +McChord AFB= Joint Base Lewis-McChord





Lead Component will be responsible for providing Installation Support for the entire Joint Base or Region


joint basing installation support functions
Joint Basing Installation Support Functions
  • Info Technology Services Management
  • Lodging
  • Military Personnel Services
  • Morale, Welfare & Recreation
  • Base Support Vehicles & Equipment
  • Installation Movement
  • Unaccompanied Personnel Housing Services
  • Utilities
  • Warfighter & Family Services
  • Pavement Clearance Services
  • Pest Control Services
  • Port Services
  • Readiness Engineering Services
  • Real Property Management & Engineering Services
  • Real Property Leases
  • Refuse Collection & Disposal
  • Installation Law Enforcement Ops
  • Installation Physical Security Protect & Services
  • Installation Protection Support
  • Small Arms Range Management
  • Supply Storage & Dist (Munitions)
  • Supply Storage & Dist (Non-Munitions)
  • Laundry & Dry Cleaning
  • Food Services
  • Airfield Ops
  • Child & Youth Services
  • Command Management
  • Installation Public Affairs
  • Legal Support
  • Financial Management
  • Management Analysis
  • Procurement Operations
  • Installation Safety
  • Installation Chaplain Ministries
  • Installation History & Museums
  • Custodial Services
  • Emergency Management
  • Environmental Compliance
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Environmental P2
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Facilities Demolition
  • Facilities New Footprint
  • Facilities Restoration & Modernization
  • Facilities Sustainment
  • Family Housing Services
  • Fire Protection & Emergency Services
  • Grounds Maintenance & Landscaping


joint basing definitions for supporting supported tenant
Joint Basing Definitions for Supporting, Supported, & Tenant


(Lead Component) BRAC decision

  • Tenants
  • Non-DoD organizations
  • DoD Agencies
  • DoD Activities
  • Army National Guard
  • Air National Guard
  • Working Capital Fund organizations


(All other MilDep Components)

Any Military Department organization previously treated as a tenant will be classified as part of the supporting or supported Component


joint basing definitions toa and real property transfer
Joint Basing DefinitionsTOA and Real Property Transfer


(All other MilDep Components)


(Lead Component)

Total Obligation Authority

Real Property Accountability



Transfer of real property and total obligation authority from

supported Components to the supporting Component to occur prior to full operational capability


supplemental guidance for facilities
Supplemental Guidance for Facilities
  • Facilities Investment Supplemental Guidance
    • Provides guidance for TOA transfer and defines responsibilities for SRM and new construction
    • Sustainment – TOA transfer equals the percentage of the requirement generated by the current version of the DoD Facilities Sustainment Model (FSM) established by DoD programming Guidance
      • Current guidance is to fund sustainment at 90% of the requirement generated by the model
supplemental guidance for facilities1
Supplemental Guidance for Facilities
  • Restoration & Modernization – No consistently applied methodology used by the various components;
    • Supporting component is responsible for all installation support facilities and common infrastructure…for all other facilities, the component generating the modernization requirement is responsible for modernization
  • MILCON – The Supporting Component’s design and construction agent shall be used for all military construction at the Joint Base