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American Revolution

American Revolution Amber Calzada Fifth grade Room 28 Intro

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American Revolution

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  1. American Revolution Amber Calzada Fifth grade Room 28

  2. Intro The American Revolution has made history in the United States. Some of the most important people lived in this time. For example, Ben Franklin and Paul Revere. During the revolution a lot of events happened. For instance, the Boston Tea Party and more. As mentioned before, the revolution has definitely made history in the U.S.A.

  3. Paul Revere’sadventurous life During the 1700 long ago, there was a person named Paul Revere who definitely participated in an important part of history and just didn’t know it yet. Secretly, there was a club called “The Sons of Liberty” because people disliked the way the king treated them. Of course Paul Revere was in charge of it. Tea was a drink most people drank, so the king never gave up on the taxes for it. So, Boston protested the taxes and had the Boston tea party which contained 3 loads of tea and Boston won a marvelous victory. Throughout the years, Paul spied on the British and was the fastest Express rider. One night, when the British were coming Paul was chosen to warn the colonists which was called his “Famous Ride”. As you know, Paul Revere was on the run and very busy. Now you know some information about Paul Revere.

  4. Benjamin Franklin Ben Franklin is one of the most remembered people in our lovely history. The month of January which was blistering and freezing was the month Ben was born. It was the January of 1706. Exciting was the word people described people described Philadelphia when Ben • was 17 he raced to the busy city. Ben started the first library in the colonies and did so much more. Also he was the inventor of the light bulb and captured electricity with a key. As the years past the colonies became the U.S.A. Since Ben helped our nation become what it is today, he was one of the signers of the declaration. Sadly in 1790 he died. We still remember him today for what he did.

  5. Boston Tea party Since the French and Indian war England was bankrupt. King George the third wanted to find a way to retrieve his money back. He did this by taxing the colonists especially on tea. The colonists were very aggravated at the time. Secretly 200 men disguised themselves as Indians planning to trash the three boats by dumping all the tea into the harbor. One night in December 1773 the men started yelling which were Indian war chants. Before anyone knew it the 200 Indians were dumping all the into the harbor. some even tried to take it for their families) Sooner or later the King of England heard about this. When he did he decided close the Boston Harbor. As mentioned before, Brittan was penniless but the colonists found a way to not be taken advantage of.

  6. Conclusion Now you know that Benjamin Franklin, Paul Revere and the Boston Tea Party is probably the most important event because it started the revolution which caused the colonies to become the United States of America

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