american nuclear society fuel cycle and waste management division l.
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American Nuclear Society Fuel Cycle and Waste Management Division

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American Nuclear Society Fuel Cycle and Waste Management Division - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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American Nuclear Society Fuel Cycle and Waste Management Division. Presentation to the ANS Board of Directors Mike Goff November 17, 2004 Washington, DC. Fuel Cycle Waste Management (FCWM) Mission.

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american nuclear society fuel cycle and waste management division

American Nuclear SocietyFuel Cycle and Waste Management Division

Presentation to the

ANS Board of Directors

Mike Goff

November 17, 2004

Washington, DC

fuel cycle waste management fcwm mission
Fuel Cycle Waste Management (FCWM) Mission
  • Like ANS, the mission of FCWM is “the advancement of science and engineering relating to the atomic nucleus, and of allied sciences and arts."
  • Specifically FCWM deals with all aspects of the nuclear fuel cycle including mining, enrichment, fuel fabrication, fuel design, reprocessing, storage, geologic repositories, waste processing, waste form testing, advanced fuel cycle evaluations, fissile material management, and national fuel cycle policies.
  • We are also home division for the Special Committee for Nuclear Nonproliferation.
fcwm executive committee
FCWM Executive Committee

Chair: Mike Goff  

Vice Chair: Ruth Weiner  

Secretary/Treasurer: Emory Collins

Members: Robert W. Benedict   (2007)

Jeff Brault (2007)

Karen Howden (2007)

Jean-Louis Nigon (2006)

Stephen Turner (2006)

Philip Wheatley (2006)

Mark Williamson (2006)

Mel R. Buckner   (2005)

Charles W. Forsberg   (2005)

Gale S. F. Voyles   (2005)

Past Chair: John Dewes

Staff Liaison: Sharon S. Kerrick

Board Liaison: Nick Tsoulfanidis

Ex Officio: Donald R. Hoffman

fcwm governance


Vice Chair








FCWM Governance
  • Strategic plan prepared and approved in 2003.
  • Plan currently under annual revision by Vice-Chair.
  • Succession planning formally established.
fcwm budget
FCWM Budget
  • Since 1997, FCWM funds have increased from less than $60k to more than $140k in 2003.
  • We have gotten better in using our financial resources to support the Society.
  • Last year we reendowed the Randall Scholarship.
  • We provide consistent support for scholarship, students, and the Society.
    • $1000 for NEED
    • $2500 for student travel and $1000 for scholarship winner
    • $2500 for student conferences
    • $5000 for teacher workshop in 2004
    • $3500 for Radwaste Solutions
  • Starting funds are approximately $109k in 2005.
fcwm contributions to ans
FCWM Contributions to ANS
  • FCWM is completing two position papers.
    • Reprocessing
    • Low-level waste disposal
  • FCWM Members are active in ANS Leadership.
    • Jim Tulenko (ANS President)
    • TPC from Winter 2003
    • TPC for Summer 2006
  • FCWM provides annual direct financial support for Radwaste Solutions.
fcwm contributions to ans8
FCWM Contributions to ANS
  • FCWM has an ongoing collaboration with the Reprocessing and Recycle Technology Division (RRTD) of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan (AESJ).
  • FCWM and RRTD are trying to increase international cooperation on the nuclear fuel cycle.
fcwm services to membership
FCWM Services to Membership
  • FCWM continues to provide assistance to professional engineering exam workshops .
  • FCWM annually awards the Randal scholarship.
  • FCWM annually contributes to NEED ($1000)
  • FCWM annually contributes to student conferences and student travel to ANS Meetings ($2500 to each).
  • FCWM contributed to International Young Nuclear Engineers Conference.
  • FCWM regularly supports Fellow nominations and other award nominations.
    • Emory Collins received the Glenn T. Seaborg Actinide Separations Award in June.
fcwm technical meetings
FCWM Technical Meetings
  • FCWM has always supported both ANS national meetings.
  • FCWM has a number of regular topical meetings.
    • Global (embedded in New Orleans next meeting in Japan)
    • International High-Level Radioactive Waste Management Conference (September 2005)
    • International Conference on LWR Fuel Performance (w/MSD - last meeting this year in Orlando next US meeting in 2007)
    • Spectrum (next meeting to be embedded)
      • Co-sponsors DD&R topical and DD&R co-sponsors Spectrum
    • DOE Spent Nuclear Fuel and Fissile Material Management (combine topical in HLW conference)
  • FCWM was also the sponsor for America’s Nuclear Energy Symposium.
  • FCWM metrics are favorable.
    • Most items are green.
  • FCWM successes include
    • Support of technical meetings
    • Continued membership growth
    • Support financially for students and Society
  • FCWM focus is on
    • Good technical meetings
    • Support of members and continued growth