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Class Review

Class Review for lass class on Nov 10, 2015

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Class Review

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  1. Review EW2-047 14010679 Lee hyeji

  2. Contents • Source • Way to write a good paragraph • Complex sentence • Assignment • Reference

  3. source 1. Let the reader know the source is reliable & credible. 2. Make the information relevant. help prove what you are saying

  4. Topic Sentence • Interesting & informative Supporting Sentence 1) clear 2) specific 3) detailed 4) concise The reader has zero knowledge.

  5. ex) Cigarette should be illegal. • Why? – medical costs - 2nd - hand smoke - littering • #(kg) of butts/year

  6. independent clause • Before I came to school, I walked uju. complex sentence dependent clause = needs more information As soon as I woke up. fragment (part) dependent clause • sentence = subject, verb, complete thought time subordinator (while, after) • d.c,i.c. • i.cd.c.

  7. If you want to go to graduate school, you must take the GRE. • I study everyday because I want an A+. condition subordinator

  8. Ron, who also takes night classes. Fragment 1. Finish the independent clause. • Ron, who also takes night classes, is very busy. 2. Delete who. • Ron takes night classes.

  9. Assignment Gary’s blog • Read p.1 • Print & filling the blanks in p.2

  10. Refereces 1. Citation - First steps in Academic Writing SECOND EDITION (Ann Hogue) p. 82, p. 167 - Gary’s blog(2015), Articles- a/an/the, Retrived from https://docs.google.com/document/d/1nH828AmhyLIaHxpBg__krMI_rCK4G_KzskS4mEIm-Ok/edit?usp=sharingon Nov, 11, 2015 2. Image http://news.naver.com/main/read.nhn?mode=LSD&mid=sec&sid1=102&oid=009&aid=0003455541 http://school.discoveryeducation.com/clipart/clip/a-bear.html

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