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Class Review

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Class review english academic writing

Class Review

English Academic Writing



Jung Seung Kyo


  • Opinion Paragraph

  • Extra information

  • Opinion writing format

Opinion paragraph part1
Opinion Paragraph-Part1

What is opinion?

-a belief about an issue

Opinion Essay Format

-Identify the issue

-Summarize the main points ⇒ pre writing parts

-State opinon

-Give reasons /examples to back/support your opinons

Opinion paragraph part2
Opinion Paragraph-Part2

Identify the issue


Refer to page 163 for details

Which is the best issue for this situation?



-whodecides an individual future?

-whodecides who one marriages?

Opinion paragraph part3
Opinion Paragraph-Part3

Summarize the main points


Refer to p37 for details

In short, flight attendants are friendly, self-confident ,and strong

Summarize the main points

Extra information
Extra Information

How to write extra information?

-Combine two simple sentences to make a complex sentence containing an adjective clause.


Jamila Haddad ran away from home last week. Jamilais a high school student in Chicago.

Jamila Haddad, who is a high school student in Chicago, ran away from home last week

Don't forget comma in this sentence!!

Opinion writing format
Opinion writing format

O : state your Opinion

R : give a Reason

E : give Examples

O : re state your Opinion


Ann Hogue First Steps in Academic Writing

p.37 p.163

Gary Aldridge, Professor in Sejong Univ