Written by kaylene p 5 th grade mrs mendelsohn published in june 2010
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Written by Kaylene P. 5 th grade, Mrs. Mendelsohn Published in June, 2010 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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My Cougar Ridge Years . Written by Kaylene P. 5 th grade, Mrs. Mendelsohn Published in June, 2010.

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Written by kaylene p 5 th grade mrs mendelsohn published in june 2010 l.jpg

My Cougar Ridge Years

Written by Kaylene P.

5th grade, Mrs. Mendelsohn

Published in June, 2010

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Wow! Have these six years cruised by! I am so thankful for the great teachers, classmates, and the great education. I love it here at Cougar Ridge, I love being a Cougar Ridge bobcat, I love being a 5th grader and leading by example. I wish elementary school would never end, but middle school is my next exciting adventure. (Let me tell you about some of my favorite grades.)

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In 1st and 2nd grade a few of my highlighted moments were when I studied fairytales and learned about money. In 1st grade when I studied about money, my class could earn money to use in the ‘store’. I always thought,” How come parents are always stressing about getting money? It’s so easy to earn it!”

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Also, we did ‘guess that student’ games. One time a classmate said, “She loves Junie B. Jones” and everybody shouted,” KAYLENE!”.

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In 2nd grade, on Johnny Appleseed Day, we made caramel apples. I remember going to the planetarium and I felt like I was going through a black hole. We also made plays every Friday, and at the fairytale luncheon I dressed up like the Chinese heroine, Mulan.

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In 3rd grade, wow what a year, I learned how to do cursive, I learned about Native Americans, and pioneers too. When I was learning about Native Americans my name was: Gossiping Rabbit. When I studied about pioneers we had pioneer families! It was so much fun; we got to pick out our supplies for our wagons. In Apple Valley School I learned how to make a candle, butter, and I learned how to shave with a knife.

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Lastly, in 5th grade, I went to Camp Orkila! It was so awesome. I went on the high ropes, played life or death in the forest, and I made a rope bridge with my study-group. I also made lanyards, and my study-group and I did really incredible team work activities. My class also made a grammar, poetry, and student treasure books. In late May, we went on an Oceanography field trip. We got to watch two scuba divers dive in the Puget Sound underneath the boat. I held a kelp crab and a sea star. Lastly, in art I made a lion mask, sea star, and panda out of clay. 5th grade is easily the best year of school ever.

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In conclusion, Cougar Ridge has helped me reach my full potential, learn leadership skills, and make myself grow. Most importantly, I have learned that there are more necessities to being a great student besides being smart like: having compassion, perseverance, self-esteem, and to be willing to work with other people. Thank you Cougar Ridge, thank you teachers, thank you my classmates who helped me prepare for middle school which is coming closer by the second.

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