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Tag Clouds. Presented By: Laura F. Bright February 27th, 2006 INF385T: Semantic Web Spring 2006 / Turnbull. Personal Introduction. I am a ... PhD student in the Department of Advertising An active partner at Seedling Online

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tag clouds

Tag Clouds



Laura F. Bright

February 27th, 2006

INF385T: Semantic Web

Spring 2006 / Turnbull

personal introduction
Personal Introduction

I am a ...

  • PhD student in the Department of Advertising
  • An active partner at Seedling Online
  • Researcher with interests that include interactive advertising, usability, blogging, and perceived information flow in digital environments

More information at: www.brightwoman.com.

presentation overview
Presentation Overview
  • Tag Clouds: Definitions, Arguments & Examples
  • Uses for Tag Clouds: Personal, Social, Corporate
  • Tag Clouds & Advertising: Tagvertising?
  • Research Application: Methods & Ideas
  • Conclusions: The State of the Cloud
  • Discussion Questions: Tag Your It!
what is a tag
What is a Tag?
  • Technical Architecture Group (TAG)
  • Descriptors that individuals assign to an object (i.e., a document or photo)
  • Tags are used in collaborative categorizing projects across many areas, including:
      • Personal
      • Social
      • Corporate
      • Academic
tags in the smart data continuum
Tags in the “Smart Data Continuum”
  • Logical Assertions
  • Classification
  • Formal Class Models
  • Rules
  • Trust

Source: Daconta, Orbst & Smith (2003)

what is a tag cloud
What is a Tag Cloud?
  • From the technical perspective ...
    • A “visual depiction of

content tags” used within a digital environment

  • From the visual design perspective ...
    • A weighted list

of frequently used terms

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud

tag cloud characteristics
Tag Cloud Characteristics
  • Tags are arranged in alphabetical order
  • Most frequently used tags are often in a larger, bolder font than other words
  • Easy to search for most popular tags using alpha order and word size
  • First tag cloud was on Flickr
  • Idea based upon visual depictions of website referrers pulled from log file analysis

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud

arguments for against
Arguments For & Against
  • “Tag Clouds are the new mullets ... Brilliant as the idea remains, faddishness is choking its air supply.”
    • http://www.zeldman.com/daily/0405d.shtml/
    • (Zeldman 2006)
  • Tag Clouds are bringing visual structure to the information chaos. (Daconta et al 2003)
  • “The relationships between the tags are what’s important, not so much the tags themselves.”
    • http://www.nicholasjon.com/?p=1647
    • (Jon 2006)
  • Tag Clouds can help find implied and hidden relationships in your data. (Daconta et al 2003)
  • Tag Clouds are more meaningful to their creators than to those outside users who are exposed to them. (QTSaver Blog)
example of a tag cloud
Example of a Tag Cloud

Google Cloud - Aggregating the Wisdom and Madness of the Crowd

example of a tag cloud10
Example of a Tag Cloud

The AdCloud - Classified Ads Cloud per City

uses for tag clouds
Uses for Tag Clouds
  • Knowledge Modeling
  • Knowledge Retrieval
  • Knowledge Integration
tag cloud tool example
Tag Cloud Tool Example

Tag Cloud Beta - www.tagcloud.com

tag cloud tool example13
Tag Cloud Tool Example

Create your own cloud code ...

tag clouds advertising
Tag Clouds & Advertising
  • Paid tag placement & linkage in a given tag cloud on a specific site
      • Example: Zoom Tags
      • Example: The Ad Cloud
  • ‘Advertise’ most frequently accessed content via tag clouds on corporate or non-profit websites to guide information flow
      • Example: Connotea.org
      • Your Tag Cloud on Your Blog / Website
tag clouds advertising15
Tag Clouds & Advertising

Zoom Tags - For Advertisers & Publishers

tagvertising on tagman
Tagvertising on TagMan

Hang-Man Game for Tags

taxonomies tag clouds
Taxonomies & Tag Clouds
  • Taxonomies are ...
      • “The classification of information entities in the form of a hierarchy, according to the presumed relationships of the real world entities that they represent.” (Daconta et al 2003, p146)
  • Express the bare minimum of semantics needed to distinguish among the objects of your information space
  • Taxonomies provide the basic information structure for a given space and the ontologies flesh it out
the ontology spectrum
The Ontology Spectrum

An ontology can range from ....

and standardizes the meaning of a given domain.

research method and ideas
Research Method and Ideas
  • Integrated Qualitative Analysis (McCoy & Northcutt 2003)
      • Method to generate tag clouds for a given domain within a given sample of people
      • Focus group meets Mental Modeling
      • Study how tag clouds are created by watching participants form groups of similar data
      • Quantify most powerful relationships and form a system of how the given set of attributes are related to one another
      • Helps to identify hidden relationships within a meaningful data set
  • Superior decisions require superior knowledge - tagging helps this at all levels
  • Tag clouds give a visual picture of what terms are most important to an individual or organization over time
  • Help data organization efforts for visual learners, etc.
  • Although they do seem faddish, it appears that they are here to stay for a bit at least
discussion questions i
Discussion Questions I
  • Are tag clouds really just visualized folksonomies? Do they really help build taxonomies and onotologies?
  • In terms of business process reengineering, what do you think is the best approach for corporations to begin tagging their data, i.e. creating clouds?
  • Do tag clouds seem like an appropriate navigation device for visual learners? Has

anyone seen any research on this?

discussion questions ii
Discussion Questions II
  • Do you agree that tag clouds would be an interesting way to study how folksonomies, etc. change over time for an individual, social group, corporation, etc.?
  • When we talk about ontologies is it always in terms of the upper-case Semantic Web, e.g does ontology always infer top-down classification models?
  • Daconta et al (2003) Semantic Web
  • Jon (2006) ‘Tag Clouds: A Response’, http://www.nicholasjon.com/?p=1647
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  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tag_cloud
thank you
Thank You!

Thanks for your time ... Have a great day!