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Successfully Impact Your Bottom Line & Convert Learners to Leaders PowerPoint Presentation
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Successfully Impact Your Bottom Line & Convert Learners to Leaders

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Successfully Impact Your Bottom Line & Convert Learners to Leaders - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Successfully Impact Your Bottom Line & Convert Learners to Leaders. Yancy Calvo Ronald Blankenship. Today’s environment Competitiveness College degree What can your University do to attract this target market? Not enough money? Utilize your existing resources. Important Facts .

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Today’s environment
  • Competitiveness
  • College degree
  • What can your University do to attract this target market?
  • Not enough money?
  • Utilize your existing resources
important facts
Important Facts
  • Only Accelerated Evening Program in the Mid-South.
  • 25 years of experience.
  • 30% of the University’s total revenue comes from the Accelerated Evening Program.
  • 60% of the faculty is full-time and 40% is adjunct (cost-effective).
  • Flexible schedules for day and evening students. It’s a win-win situation.
  • It’s not a lock-step program.
important facts4
Important Facts
  • The buildings are utilized at night.
  • Administration offices have some extended hours at the beginning of each term.
  • The offices include:
    • Financial Aid Office
    • Business Office
    • Bookstore
  • Instead of having all the offices open we have a centralized location called “The Evening Program Office.”

Evening Program Director

Director of Academics

Director of Admissions

Academic Advisor

Academic Advisor

Admissions Counselor

Day Secretary

Evening Secretary

accelerated evening program
Accelerated Evening Program
  • Designed for working adults with full time jobs and other priorities.
  • Maintaining the traditional field even though they are adult learners.
  • Tuition is affordable since evening students pay per credit hour instead of a flat rate like day students.
  • Evening students obtain the same quality education as the day students.
accelerated evening program7
Accelerated Evening Program
  • 33 semester hours of credit may be earned in each academic year.

Jan Mar May Jun Aug Oct Dec



  • Can take up to 18 hours per semester if
  • maintaining a 3.2 GPA.
  • Possible for a student to complete all
  • degree requirement from 1-4 years.
degrees offered in the ep
Degrees offered in the EP
  • Business Administration:
    • Accounting
    • Economics
    • Finance
    • Information Technology Management
    • Management
    • Marketing
  • Applied Psychology with a concentration in:
    • Organizational Management
    • Foundations of Business
    • Criminal Justice
  • Teacher Education
  • Prerequisites for the MBA degree.
  • Prerequisites for the CPA exam.
  • Certificates
ep format
EP Format
  • Classes meet twice a week (either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday).
  • Evening classes meet from either 5:45-7:55 pm or from 8:05-10:15 pm.
  • A few classes meet on Saturday from 8 am to 12:20 pm and others meet on Friday from 5:30 – 9:45 pm.
  • Many students taking two courses in a semester schedule two classes that meet on the same nights.
are there any credit alternatives
Are there any credit alternatives?
  • There are two examination programs that enable students to earn up to 30 semester credits for prior knowledge.
  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP) exams.
  • Students may also take challenge exams for specific courses prepared by CBU academic departments to demonstrate their competence.

2. Experiential Learning Assessment is another way to obtain credit for previous experience.

admissions process
Admissions Process
  • The average age of the Evening Program student is 34.
  • Enrollment Specialist have day and evening hours to meet all the applicants.
  • Admissions criteria is somewhat different than the day.
new student advising
New Student Advising
  • Checklist.
  • Explain credits transferred.
  • Mention expected date of completion.
  • Ways to accelerate the process.
  • Explain format of the classes.
  • Register for classes (have priority).
  • Offices to visit.
  • Finalize registration.
orientation day
Orientation Day
  • Keep administration offices open.
  • Late hours for the bookstore.
  • Late hours for security.
  • Assisting students to get I.D., parking lot sticker, etc.
  • Orientation Meeting
    • Peer panel discussion with current Evening Program students.
    • Meeting the staff
    • Meeting faculty and the Christian Brothers.
    • Advising
    • Story of a EP graduate
advising adult learners
Advising Adult Learners
  • Advisors have flexible schedules to meet all the evening students.
  • Advising is quite different.
  • Evening students depend on the advisors.
  • Evening students are high maintenance.
  • Want a degree as soon as possible.
  • Have other needs in addition to those of traditional students.
communication with ep students
Communication with EP students
  • Mandatory CBU e-mail address

- Preferred method of communication

- Used in conjunction with WebCT

  • Current work and home phone numbers.
  • Weekly Evening Program Newsletter.
advising preparation steps
Advising Preparation Steps
  • Before your appointment, obtain copies of:
    • Your updated checklist
    • The latest schedule of classes
    • A current CBU Catalog
  • Determine your schedule based on the following:
    • Checklist template
    • “Do I meet the pre-requisites for the course(s) I want to take?”
  • Prepare a preliminary schedule to discuss with your advisor
learners to leaders
Learners to Leaders
  • Educate leaders in the community.
  • Help them achieve their goals.
  • Create an interaction class with the experience of current students working in the field.
  • Successfully impact your bottom line.
  • Utilize the current resources.
  • Motivate students who enter to learn and leave to serve!