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Geography Computing Resources. September 20, 2010. Geography Computing Team - Introductions. Dylan Parenti – I.T. Manager / ICM Coordinator Guylene Gadal – Web Developer / Linux/UNIX Admin. Libby White – Computer Resource Specialist Jon Hall – Web Programmer ( [email protected] )

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Geography Computing Resources

September 20, 2010

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Geography Computing Team - Introductions

  • Dylan Parenti – I.T. Manager / ICM Coordinator

  • Guylene Gadal – Web Developer / Linux/UNIX Admin.

  • Libby White – Computer Resource Specialist

  • Jon Hall – Web Programmer ([email protected])

  • Michael Hino – I.T. Volunteer

  • Best address for computer help is: ([email protected])

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  • Over 300 computers

  • Over 500 users

  • 3 major subnets, 128.111.nnn.0/24 (where nnn = 104,106,234)

    • Unless, you decide to be fully wireless, your office computer will be on one of these

    • Never edit your IP address information!

  • 2 computer instructional labs

    • Jeffrey L. Star Lab (Ellison Hall, Rm. 2610)

    • Descartes Lab (Ellison Hall, Rm. 3620)

  • 1 grad student-only computing lab

  • 7 classrooms

    • Ellison Hall, Rm. 1714

    • Ellison Hall, Rm. 2609

    • Ellison Hall, Rm. 2620

    • Ellison Hall, Rm. 3621

    • Ellison Hall, Rm. 4824

    • Ellison Hall, Rm. 5824

    • Phelps Hall, Rm. 2525

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  • Buildings

    • Ellison Hall

      • Faculty, Grad, and Staff Offices (1st , 4th, and 5th floors, mainly)

      • Descartes Lab (3rd floor)

      • Star Lab (2nd floor)

      • [email protected] Lab (2nd floor)

      • Hydrology Lab (3rd floor)

      • Field Prep Space (1st floor)

      • VIPER Lab (3rd floor)

      • Human-Environmental Dynamics Lab (5th floor)

      • GeoTransportation Lab (3rd floor)

      • McFadden Lab (3rd floor)

      • Ocean Physics Group (1st floor)

      • Climate Hazards Group (4th floor)

      • SpaCE Group Lab (5th floor)

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  • Phelps Hall

    • Soils Group Labs (2nd & 3rd floor)

    • [email protected] Center (3rd floor)

    • Wet-Lab Classroom, Rm. 2525

  • Marine Science Building

    • Washburn Lab

    • Siegel Lab

  • Noble Hall

    • King Lab

  • Bren Hall

    • 4th floor offices

    • Still Lab (1st floor)

    • Off-site server room

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  • Optional UNIX accounts

    • Assigned password

    • You can change your Unix account password using a terminal program, such as Secure Shell Client

      • e.g., on, use

        yppasswd username

        and follow prompts

    • Password initially matches e-mail password

    • Don’t give it out to anyone

    • Forgot it? Visit Dylan for a new one (passwords never e-mailed out)

    • Persist as long as you are here

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  • Good Password rules:

    • No dictionary words

    • Seven or more characters

    • Mixed upper/lower case

    • Punctuation [email protected]#$%^&*()_-+=|,/.

    • Numbers

    • Spaces not allowed (generally a bad idea

      in UNIX, anyway)

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  • Class accounts for students

    • These are UNIX accounts. For instance, Jane Q. Doe taking Geography 184 would have an account named jqd184

    • But, they expire quarterly/yearly

    • Useful for students’ class-related webpages

    • Disk storage reserved for class accounts –

      “keep area tidy”

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  • E-mail accounts continued

    • U-Mail:

    • E-Mail policies:

      • University of California Electronic Communications Policy:

      • UCSB Interim Electronic Communications Implementing Guidelines:

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Computer Labs

  • Descartes Lab

    • Electronic Access Keycard required

    • Access for enrolled undergrads until 5 p.m.

    • Podium with ceiling-mounted projector

    • UPS protection

    • Computers

      • 20 i7 SSD workstations (Win7 64-bit)

      • 22-inch LCD displays

      • Xerox Phaser 7760DX color printer

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Computer Labs

  • Star Lab

    • Electronic Access Keycard required

    • Open 24/7 for grad students (as long as you can get into the building)

    • Open 24/5 for undergrads (without grad supervision)

    • HP LaserJet 5700dn duplex printer

    • UPS protection

    • Computers

      • 35 Core 2 Duo CPU for students (WinXP SP3 32-bit)

      • 1 Core 2 Duo CPU for the instructor (Station #32)

      • 22-inch LCD monitors

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Computer Labs

  • Lab Policies

    • Use common sense

    • No food, beverages, bikes, skateboards

    • Logoff computers before leaving

  • Yield to incoming classes

  • Surveillance cameras recording

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  • Electronic Keycard Access for entry

    • I.T. staff will “green-light” the doors, so that keycard access isn’t required for classes/sections

    • If you want to schedule sections/meetings outside of regularly-scheduled times, send a request to the request queue to “green-light” the room.

  • Keep doors closed; holding/propping them open sounds an alarm

  • Close windows/turn off lights if you are the last to leave/log off computers/push the chairs in/clean white board

  • If you are teaching/TAing a class, please verify that podium is locked when you are done!

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  • Locked – keys checked out from office staff (Bernadette)

    • Key may be issued for an entire quarter, and must be returned at the end of each quarter

  • Top tray

    • Some have a dedicated WinXP Laptop with MS Office 2007 Pro

    • Mouse, projector remote/laser pointer, and power adapter

    • LCD Clock for timing student presentations

  • Locked Cabinet

    • Basic DVD player in Star and Ellison 1714

    • Top tray laptop plugs into Ethernet port on side

    • Documentation, and USB presenter

  • Microphone/speaker (checkout), if needed

  • Geography website has an overview of the podiums, with


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  • Panasonic, ceiling-mounted, VGA, some have HDMI.

  • Path of least resistance: go wired (open access)

    • Podium laptop resolution is native to projector’s (1024 x 768 pixels)

    • When using your laptop, if it can be set to 1024 x 768, choose that

    • No software required

  • 10’ x 6’ pull-down screen in 2609, 2620 classroom

  • 8’ x 6’ motorized screen in 3621 classroom

  • 10’ x 6’ motorized screen in Star, Spatial, and Descartes Labs

  • 12’ pull-down screen in Phelps 2525

  • Best to turn on projector first, attach laptop, then turn laptop on

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Department Resources

  • ArcGIS Servers

    • Hosts student projects in GIS class series

    • Hosts the UCSB Interactive Campus Map

  • Application server (called California) for remote desktop logins

    • Request access through the request queue

    • Has most major licensed programs

  • Printers

    • Star Lab: HP LaserJet 5700dn

    • Descartes Lab: Xerox Phaser 7760DX

    • [email protected] Lab: HP LaserJet 3000dtn

    • Ellison 4th floor: HP 4200dtn

    • Ellison 5th floor: HP Color LaserJet 9050dtn

  • Community PC (called Eclipse) in Ellison 1832

    • Has most major licensed programs

    • Attached scanner

    • Ideal as a station for printing TA materials

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Department Resources

  • Printers

    • A new print management system will be in place hopefully by Winter Quarter.

    • Currently, print stations release jobs, and are charged to your BARC account.

    • Color printing more expensive than black & white.

    • Classes you’ll teach/TA will have accounts to charge to.

    • Stay tuned…announcements to be sent out via email.

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Department Resources

Slide21 l.jpg

Campus Resources

  • Wireless

    • Managed by campus, NOT Geography

    • Need a UCSBnetID (which means you’ll need a UCSB-affiliated e-mail address beforehand to get one)

    • Select areas on campus; Geography classrooms, computing labs and conference rooms

    • Map of campus coverage on the ICM

    • for more information

    • Once connected, Geography networks accessed via SSH/SFTP client programs

  • Library

    • Alexandria Digital Library

    • Map and Imagery Library (MIL)

    • Digital research journals

  • UCSB VPN Service


    • Windows and MacOS X clients

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Web Pages

  • Department Web Server (established by webmaster, TA/class content created by you, managed by you and the webmaster)

  • Personal web pages (created & managed by you)

    • First, establish a UNIX account with I.T. staff via request queue

    • Basic content, research topics, etc.


  • Create public_html folder/directory

    • index.html – your default ~username page

    • Use SFTP/WinSCP/FileZilla etc. to transfer/command line

    • Map network drive in Windows Explorer (unstable)

      • Unencrypted passwords for Samba access

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What Services Do I Get?

Core Services Provided Include:

  • Geography Email alias to Umail

  • Bulletin Board Service

  • PDA/GPS units for field instruction use only

  • Wireless Access through UCSB OIT

  • One static, in-office, IP address per grad student

  • Use of the [email protected] computing lab

  • Oracle UCSB CorporateTime Calendar account

  • Allowed to install Secure Shell Client, MATLAB, ArcGIS, ENVI+IDL on University-owned machines

  • ESRI Virtual Campus classes


    • Requires user account registration setup (free)

  • Allowed to install Symantec Endpoint Protection software on any machine connected to our network

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What Services Do I Get?

Additional Services for Recharge:

  • Printing

  • Hardware troubleshooting for grant research-owned computers

  • Assistance with your own machines (requires advisor approval for recharge)

  • Poster printing at the UCSB Institute for Quantum & Complex Dynamics (iQCD) at $40.00 per poster.

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Other Stuff

  • Not a good idea to save stuff on the computers in the labs

  • Please do not install non-work-related programs on University-owned computers

    • However, ask for I.T. help for something you want installed on computing lab computers for sections that you teach

  • Student passwords for Windows computers in the labs

  • Security vigilance

    • Non-Geography enrolled students are not allowed in computing labs

    • Mind your laptops and belongings