coalition ecoturismo mediterraneo project internazionalizzazione
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Coalition „Ecoturismo Mediterraneo“ Project „Internazionalizzazione“

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Coalition „Ecoturismo Mediterraneo“ Project „Internazionalizzazione“ - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Coalition „Ecoturismo Mediterraneo“ Project „Internazionalizzazione“. Field visits & workshops in Sicily 10. - 14.03.2008. Nature T. Sustainable T. Ecoturismo: locale --- globale. Sustainable tourism criteria Ecotourism principles . Globo.

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Presentation Transcript
coalition ecoturismo mediterraneo project internazionalizzazione

Coalition „Ecoturismo Mediterraneo“Project „Internazionalizzazione“

Field visits & workshops in Sicily

10. - 14.03.2008

Nature T.

Sustainable T.

Ecoturismo: locale --- globale
  • Sustainable tourism criteria
  • Ecotourism principles


  • Agenda for a sustainable and competitive European Tourism

Europa, Mediterraneo

  • European Charter STPA
  • VISIT indicators


  • Certificazioni
  • TtE, …
  • CIP, …
  • servici marketing


Prodotti turistici

the coalition s approach
Base 2008

International Sustainable Tourism Criteria

International Eco-Tourism principles

European indicators for destinations

WTO pilot destinations

Certificates for European tourism: global comparison

International networks and initiatives: update

Good practice examples: businesses, destinations, packages (ongoing)

Innovation in Tourism: TLA handbook

The coalition’s approach


for businesses & administration

  • STC check list
  • Ecotourism self check
  • VISIT indicators: checklist
  • Field evaluation sheets
  • EU Eco-label
  • TraveLife
  • Austrian Ecolabel for packages (dev.)
  • recommendations
  • Information platform on sicily.destinet > base for creating a TLA on Ecotourism

International conference

Visits of destinations

Internet: platform and promotion

certification of destinations
European Charter for Sustainable Tourism in Protected Areas

= certificate for the implementation and operation of the management system (5 years)

Diagnosis of the situation (indicators)

Definition of objectives (indicators)


Training and capacity building

Destination development

Product development

Promotion and marketing

Monitoring (indicators)

Networking & exchange

Certification of destinations
pilot workshops in the territories of the coalition ecoturismo mediterraneo
Pilot workshops in the territories of the coalition “Ecoturismo Mediterraneo”


  • Field evaluation sheet
  • Situation analysis sheet
  • STC check list
  • Ecotourism self check
  • Destination Indicators
  • Recommendations: EU Eco-label, TraveLife
  • Internal information platform for the coalition (sicily.destinet)
  • Public promotion portal for the coalition (
Source: International Sustainable Tourism Criteria Initiative,
Visited territory/ sight:

4. „Ecotourism“ evaluation sheet

Siamo pronti?

5. Destinazioni: VISIT Indicatori chiave per monitorare lo sviluppo sostenibile del turismo (como misurare?)

Come misurare?

6. Recommendations

Per operatori?

The international Sustainable Tourism Criteria give guidance to the future

The international TraveLife and Green Globe 21 – IES certificates include 2/3 of the STC requrements.

TraveLife is available for all tourism services on a low budget base

TraveLife is not a type I certificate with independent on-site audits

For European tourism:

the EU Eco-label in combination with Train to Eco-label is recommended to accommodation businesses for environmental sustainability

TraveLife is recommended to all types of tourism services working together with tour operators

Austrian Ecolabel for tour packages is recommended to tour operators, self declaration sheet is recommended to accommodation businesses

7. Internal information platform/ Ecotourism Tourism Learning Area (sicily.destinet)

Cosa c‘è ?

Tourism products

100+ Committed businesses, good practice examples


STC, Eco-Tourism principles


STC, indicators, guidelines

30+ Certificates

10+ Marketing services

Events, visits, workshops

Dates along the project

Map viewer

Coalition territory, Mediterranean

Networks and initiatives

100+ decision makers in the coalition, networks, ...

Local actors and businesses


Internal preparation

 Public portal

public DestiNet portal

Public portal

  • Services: what to do to be presented on the public portal?
  • Registration with basic information and picture(s)
  • Declaration of interest to become an „eco-tourism service“
  • Workshop participation, self check
    • Workshop (e.g. Train to Ecolabel) or passing online learning session
    • Self assessment (e.g. from „Austrian Ecolabel for travel packages“ or TraveLife „Sustainability“ self check), send results for internal registration
  • Publication as „ eco-tourism service candidate“
  • Apply for a certificate and pass the certification procedure
  • Certification (e.g. EU Eco-label or other type 1 eco-certificate)
  • Promotion as „eco-tourism service“