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Campus Safety and Judicial Affairs PowerPoint Presentation
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Campus Safety and Judicial Affairs

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Campus Safety and Judicial Affairs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Georgia Southern University 2010-2011. Campus Safety and Judicial Affairs. Office of Judicial Affairs. Patrice R. Buckner Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Affairs (912) 478-0059

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office of judicial affairs
Office of Judicial Affairs

Patrice R. Buckner

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Affairs

(912) 478-0059

Student Conduct Code Website

cpt terry briley tbriley@georgiasouthern edu 912 478 5234
Cpt. Terry Briley

(912) 478-5234

Georgia Southern University Police

gsu public safety department
GSU Public Safety Department
  • Police Department
    • 36 Certified Police Officers
    • 4 Criminal Investigators
    • 6 Communications Officers
    • 6-9 Service Officers
    • Open 24 Hours a Day; 365 Days a Year
    • Respond to all emergency calls, investigate criminal incidents and complaints, traffic enforcement and accident investigation
  • Environmental Safety Division
    • Fire Safety
    • Hazardous Materials Management
emergency safety measures
Emergency/Safety Measures
  • Campus wide emergency messaging system (EagleAlert!)
  • Campus Crime Alerts posted on web site, sent out via e-mail and posted on campus at pertinent locations
  • GSU Emergency radio channel
  • 24 hour access to Housing and Counseling personnel
  • In the case of a campus emergency, stay tuned to our website for updates and instructions.
judicial process 101
Judicial Process 101
  • If a student is charged with a violation of the Student Conduct Code, they go through the judicial process with through the Office of Judicial Affairs.
  • The student will receive a letter informing them of what they have been charged with and requesting that they set up a meeting.
  • Parents should instruct the student to go to the meeting…we will share all information we have with them and get their side of the story.
  • After all of the information is on the table, students may choose to take responsibility for the violation or go to the formal hearing process.
  • All sanctions are educational in nature (whenever possible). We teach students civic and social responsibility.
alcoholic beverages
Alcoholic Beverages

It is a violation of the Student Conduct Code for students under the age of 21 to consume any type of alcoholic beverage.

Parents have more influence over responsible decision making than we do, so it is encouraged that parents discuss these issues in depth with their children.

Georgia Southern has a 3 strike alcohol policy. Please refer to the Student Conduct Code or the 3 strike alcohol policy which can be found by clicking here.

Students over 21 are urged to be responsible when consuming alcoholic beverages. Remember, it is against the law to drink and drive and to provide alcoholic beverages to minors.

drug sanctions
Drug Sanctions
  • Violation of less than one ounce of marijuana.
    • Disciplinary Probation
    • Educational Course
    • Fine ($150)
    • Residence hall students may have their residence hall contract terminated;
    • Additional sanctions assigned at the discretion of the Judicial Hearing Officer.
  • Violation of more than an ounce of marijuana or any other drug
    • Suspension
  • A weapon is defined as firearms, explosives, dangerous chemicals or any other instrument used to inflict bodily harm, a threat, or intimidation.
  • Students that have a weapon in their possession will be subject to suspension or expulsion from Georgia Southern University.
parental notification policy
Parental Notification Policy

It is the policy of Georgia Southern University to notify parents or legal guardians of students under 21 years of age that their son or daughter has been found responsible for violating the University’s alcohol or drug policy.

crime prevention
Crime Prevention
  • Emergency call boxes contain blue, flashing lights that have direct communication to the University Police Department.
  • Courtesy Officers provide walking escort for individuals at night and can also be contacted by using the emergency box.
crime prevention programs
Crime Prevention Programs
  • RAD – Women’s Self Defense Course (free to students)
  • Bicycle Registration-record bicycle serial number and description for identification
  • Operation Identification-record serial number and mark items with personal identification
gsu police courtesy services
GSU Police Courtesy Services

Vehicle unlocks

Vehicle Jump-starts

gsu campus crimes
GSU Campus Crimes
  • Campus crime statistics (Clery Act) posted on Public Safety webpage
  • Most common problems involve alcohol violations or theft of property.
  • If students are arrested, they are also referred to Judicial Affairs.
theft prevention
Theft Prevention
  • Secure your bicycles with locks
  • Keep belongings with you at all times or have a friend watch them for you

(double click Theft Video.wmv to view video)

suggestions for parents
Suggestions For Parents
  • Make sure students submit correct contact information for EagleAlert!
  • Know how to get in touch with them.
  • Know how to get in touch with their friends.
  • Know where their residence is located – residence hall or apartment complex name and room number.
  • Do not hesitate to call Georgia Southern.
thanks for visiting
Thanks For Visiting…

And Welcome to Georgia Southern University

Georgia Southern University Police Department

(912) 478-5234

Office of Judicial Affairs

(912) 478-0059