basic showmanship workshop l.
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Basic Showmanship Workshop PowerPoint Presentation
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Basic Showmanship Workshop

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Basic Showmanship Workshop - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Basic Showmanship Workshop. Key Member Presentation. What are we going to do?. Introduction Energizer The ABCs of Showmanship Grooming Equipment Introduction Rhinohipporaffosaur Show Ring Spectacular Increasing Project Knowledge Conclusion Questions. Top Secret Leader.

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Basic Showmanship Workshop

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basic showmanship workshop

Basic Showmanship Workshop

Key Member Presentation

what are we going to do
What are we going to do?
  • Introduction
  • Energizer
  • The ABCs of Showmanship
  • Grooming Equipment Introduction
  • Rhinohipporaffosaur Show Ring Spectacular
  • Increasing Project Knowledge
  • Conclusion
  • Questions
top secret leader
Top Secret Leader
  • ‘IT’ has three guesses to determine who is the top secret leader in the group.
  • This game reinforces the idea of watching someone for direction without verbal instruction.
the abcs of showmanship
The ABCs of Showmanship
  • Work together as a group to complete the alphabet with showmanship requirements.
  • Example:

A – Always be on time.

B – Bring smiles!

C – Control your project.

grooming equipment
Grooming Equipment
  • Why is it important to have a clean project?
  • When should you start grooming?
  • What should you put in your show box?
  • How do you hold it, and are there any safety concerns?
quiz time

Quiz Time!

I’m going to hold up a piece of equipment. If you know what it is, put up your hand!

I’m even going to ask you how to use it.

imaginary project handling
Imaginary Project Handling
  • Positioning for show.
  • Watching the judge.
  • Movement in the ring, or on the table.
  • How to line up for placings.
  • What to do while you are waiting.
increase your knowledge
Increase your Knowledge!
  • Learn the external parts of your project.
  • Be prepared to answer questions that are specific to your project.
  • Why would it be important to know things about your project?
what kinds of questions
What kinds of Questions?

Frequently asked questions could include:

  • What is your project’s date of birth?
  • What was your project’s rate of gain?
  • What does your project eat?
  • How much does your project eat?
  • What is your project’s breed lineage?
  • Point out a specific part of your project.
need some more information
Need some more Information?
  • Marketing Made Easy and Showtime are publications available through the 4-H Branch office. Ask your leader if they have a copy.
  • The booklets focus mainly on cattle projects, but some information may be transferable between projects in terms of the basics.
  • Spend a lot of time with your project. You will feel more confident if you have your project under control.
  • If you have questions, ask an experienced member, Key Member or your leader.