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High quantity email solution

High Quantity Email Solution

We Provide 2 Solutions for high quantity Email Sending.

1)PowerMTA with Multiple IPs

2)Multiple SMTP

PowerMTA With Multiple IPs

PowerMTA is one of the most Popular and the most effective email marketing solution. We do

provide following features using PowerMTA.

1) We provide 2 dedicated server. 1 dedicated server for email sending and 2nd for Email sending

application hosting (Interspire is preferred application)

2) We do provide PowerMTA installed in the server which is very popular in the market now a days for

better inboxing and IP rotation.

3) We do provide 250+ IPs on the server and same domains which will be rotate and we will integrate

the system with interspire.

4) We will send approx. 100 emails per IP per hour so you can reach to 500K+ emails per day and the

best inboxing

5) We will setup rDNS, SPF, dkim for every domains so it will help you to get proper inboxing.

Resources will be used:

1) 2 dedicated server with 8 GB ram each

2) 250+ IP addresses and domain.

3) PowerMTA and installation (which originally costs 2500 USD+ per month from port25.com )

4) Full Email and Online chat Support

Delivery Time: We will deliver the System within 48-72 Hours after payment


The Full system will cost you 2500 USD per month which will include below service

High quantity email solution

Multiple SMTP Service

In Multiple SMTP Service we do provide 1 New SMTP in every day or alternate day (client’s choice).

This method is called churn and Burn method. In this method client will be provided new SMTP every

day and so IP Blacklisting issue will not be there as new IP will take place before older IP gets


Following Features will be included in Multiple SMTP service.

1)1 Dedicated Server for Email Sending application

2)Every Day / Alternate Day new SMTP ( New IP, New Domain )

3)Full setup of SPF, DKIM, rDNS on each SMTP for better delivery.

4)Full Bulk Email Friendly Servers.

5)100K – 200K Emails Per day sending capacity ( There’s no actual limit )

Delivery time: We will provide the system within 48 Hours after payment.

Pricing :

The System with all the resources and setups will cost below :

1 Dedicated Server with New SMTP Every Day : 1800 USD Per Month ( 30 SMTP Per Month)

1 Dedicated Server with new SMTP every Alternate Day : 1200 USD Per Month ( 15 SMTP Per Month)


Terms :

1) We do not guarantee inboxing as it depends on email list quality, email content, email size, bounce

rate etc. many criteria.

2) If the server gets SPAMHAUSS complaint, server will be terminated. Rest complaints will be handled

by us.

3) There will be no refund once server order placed.

4) All the resources will be provided by us, client needs to just send emails from the application

5) We will provide full support ( Email and chat ).

6) if IPs gets blacklisted and if client wants to change the IPs then client needs to pay for the IPs

( charges are on our website )

7) This plan is not in our website, Client can buy by contacting on info@directemailserver.com or

Skype: bmsoftwares