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The Kuranda Wholefoods prepares 100% gluten free, wheat free, dairy free, and low GI delightful tasting products made with only the best quality natural ingredients.

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+61 2 8883 0884


+61 2 8883 0884

3 Snacks Your Kids Would Love to Eat at School

Snacking for kids is not just a habit but a means to fuel their body with nutrition and energy to get through the day. Make your kid’s snack time fun and healthy at school with these three healthy munchies.

There would hardly be a kid who wouldn’t show fondness for snacking. Kids of all ages just love to munch on tasty treats.

The best part about their munching love is that parents can use treats to boost their kids’ energy, health and nutritional intake.

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By simply swapping random, unhealthy snacks for healthier treats.

Mentioned below are some creative picks you can go for when it comes to packing munchies for your kids to enjoy at school.

Muesli Bars

Can’t interest your child in Gluten free muesli? Try healthy muesli bars.

The grab-and-go snack is a mild amalgamation of goodness of raw rolled oats and taste and nutrition of dried fruits. Alternatively, you can also use no-bake granola health bars that are an energy bite with gluten-free grains, honey and nuts stuffed in.

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Trail Mix

Sweet and crunchy mix of essential nuts, seeds and grains is a perfect treat for your child to munch on during school hours. What’ more, the kids couldn’t love this finger snack more if you serve them in paper cups.

However, it is important to make sure the trail mix you buy contains no added sugar and preservatives.

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Gluten-free Protein Balls

Ditch those trans-fat filled snacks and hand your kid extremely delicious blend of rich raw cacao flavoured with healthful peanuts and Beekeeper’s honey.   Not only is this yum treat high in protein and nutritious but it also makes a fun snack in an interesting ball shape that your kid can grab on the go. 

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Swaying kids away from junk food and unhealthy snacks to get them to eat healthy is not an easy feat.

But with these nutrition-packed snack alternatives, you can ensure that your child indulges in healthy munching without having to guilt trip them into eating.

KURANDA WHOLEFOODS never compromises on quality and to always deliver nutritious and delicious products to our customers.