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YouTube How-2

YouTube (directly) or TubeMogul ... Engage the YouTube community directly by ... The YouTube player automatically adds black bars so that videos are displayed ...

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YouTube How-2

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  1. YouTube How 2Kevin

  2. What We’ll Cover: Uploading Descriptions and Tags Making Your Videos Findable Specs (briefly) Misc. recommendations

  3. Uploading alternatives:YouTube (directly) or TubeMogul • PBS uses a service called TubeMogul to upload clips to a variety of video aggregation sites (including YouTube). We highly recommend it. • It also provides great metrics/measurement data. •

  4. I’ve uploaded my clip – now what? In preparation for this session, I asked PBS’ YouTube liaison for specific recommendations about the best ways to make videos more findable. Here’s what he said.

  5. “Title/description/tags should be strategic to rank high in search results or come up in Related Videos.  “Furthermore, titles and thumbnails should be compelling call-to-actions.  Rather than take up room with long program titles, dates, etc. better to put that into the description and use the Title area for something intriguing.” YouTube Recommendations from YouTube itself

  6. “Views and ratings are also important.  The higher the views the better chance the video will make it into the Most Viewed pages which only increases discoverability.  “Similarly, high ratings make a video appear in the Highest Ratings pages.  Both high views and ratings also signal to users that the video is interesting to others, there's buzz, and therefore should be checked out relative to less-viewed, lower-rated videos on the same subject.” YouTube Recommendations from YouTube itself

  7. “To highlight two other key ways to build audience:1) Upload content regularly, frequently, and consistently2) Engage the YouTube community directly by calling out to them, asking them to participate (including asking them to subscribe!), and generally using the platform for 2-way conversation rather than 1-way.” YouTube Recommendations from YouTube itself

  8. Only the first 27 characters of the description are initially visible. Therefore, it’s HIGHLY recommended that you put your URL up front in the description, where it will be seen. The description is the ONLY place where links are clickable. URLs are not allowed in comments – not even by the video provider. Tags: what words will get people to your video? Be strategic (but don’t include misleading tags.) A new functionality allows multi-word tags, if quotation marks are put around them. Example: “Antiques Roadshow” instead of: Antiques Roadshow. Be Strategic with Descriptions and Tags

  9. YouTube Insight • A fantastic – and free – tool. You should make time to look at the results your YouTube clips are receiving and how users are arriving at your clips. • See example:

  10. Specs (from YouTube*) *now with HD* • Originals Please!The less a video is re-encoded prior to uploading, the better the resulting YouTube video quality. We encourage you to upload your videos as close to the original source format as possible, with a minimum of intermediate re-encoding steps. Each re-encoding can generally degrade the quality of your video and create some specific problems too, which we'll address below.Aspect RatioThe aspect ratio of the original source video should always be maintained when it's uploaded: Uploaded videos should never include letterboxing or pillarboxing bars. The YouTube player automatically adds black bars so that videos are displayed correctly without cropping or stretching, whatever the size of the video or the player. ResolutionHigh-definition videos are the preferred format for ingestion which result YouTube videos of the highest quality currently available.

  11. Specs • VideoResolution • Recommended: 1280 x 720 (16x9 HD) and 640 x 480 (4:3 SD)There is no required minimum resolution - in general the higher resolution the better and HD resolution is preferred. For older content, lower resolution is unavoidable.Bit rateBecause bit-rate is highly dependent on codec there is no recommended or minimum value. Videos should be optimized for resolution, aspect ratio and frame rate rather than bit rate.Frame rateThe frame rate of the original video should be maintained without re-sampling. In particular pulldown and other frame rate re-sampling techniques are strongly discouraged.Codec H.264, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4 preferred.AudioCodecMP3Sampling rate 44.1kHzChannels2 (stereo)ContainerMPEGTS (MPEG2 transport stream)

  12. Miscellaneous Additional Recommendations • Long form clips do work • Remember to brand your clips. (This one’s critical.) • Leverage the power of UGC – Video Your Vote, for example • Seek partners – we all have different things to bring to the table, it’s often easier to partner/collaborate

  13. Miscellaneous Additional Recommendations • Remember to “program” your page. Rotate new features in often. • Turn on comment moderation / video reply moderation • Remember to brand your clips. (This one’s so critical, it’s included here twice.) • Be strategic with thumbnails. • Create playlists. (example: DTV)

  14. And, finally, remember: • 13 seconds is length of time YouTube viewers use to decide whether to continue watching. (Source: Waggener Edstrom) • Make those initial seconds count.

  15. For more information, or a copy of this presentation, please contact Kevin Dando,

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