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Fat Loss

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Fat Loss

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  1. Contact us: Welcome to NUTRITION Website :

  2. Contact us: About us Strength Upgrade is a spotlight on some of the most powerful, tested and unbiased insights in the world of physical fitness along with empowerment towards life skills and personal development. There is always a “Mental Component” involved to whatever you do in life. All these elements align together, to give you a real Strength Upgrade. Website :

  3. Contact us: The 2 Worst Supplements of Fitness Industry Now I’ve repeatedly ranted about this topic that how f*****d up the Fitness Industry has become. They are ready to promote anything and everything just to get money out of your pocket. This Billion Dollar industry has been coming up with dozens of new supplements every single year with claims to have effects similar to steroids but legally. Website :

  4. Contact us: Why to give a Shit about Omega 3 to Omega 6 ratio? Firstly you must know these Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) i.e Omega 3 and Omega 6 are polyunsaturated unsaturated Fatty acids. Why poly? Because they have many double bonds. (Poly = many) Omega 6 is Pro Inflammatory meaning it induces inflammation and Omega 3 is Anti Inflammatory i.e it reduces inflammation. So a crucial balance between both is necessary. Website :

  5. Contact us: Fat Controller Switch As I always say “Devil lives in the details“. If you’ve ever tried to lose fat fast or get rid of that belly fat, you know how tough and miserable it can get with all that dieting and grueling workouts. While on that path, the only thing you can think of is losing maximum fat as fast as possible. You want your body to become a Fat Controller machine. Website :

  6. Contact us: Low Carb Diet and Fat Loss Results If you are wondering if no carb diet works or not, then yes it does work. But! Here’s the catch! If your definition of what “works” is quick weight loss, then the Atkins Diet does work.But, if we are talking about permanent fat loss results, then I am sorry to disappoint you, this low carb shit just doesn’t “work”.. Website :

  7. Contact us: Whey Isolate vs Whey Protein Concentrate: Higher Biological Value Protein Supplement Biological Value Whey Protein Isolate 145-159* Whey Protein Concentrate 102-105* Website :

  8. Contact us: 5 Best Muscle Building Foods you can’t miss Website :

  9. Contact us: The High Protein Low Carb Diet : Is it really Worth for Fat Loss? Especially in the bodybuilding community this one has been the single most prevalent diet that has stood the test of time. Even with the advent of dozens of new dieting techniques for instance Ketogenic Diet, Paleo Diet, Vegan Diet, Raw Food Diet or Candida diet, the Low Carb diet is still in fashion. I wont say I am an authority on what diets are best for you, one thing I can definitely assure you after a lot of jugging with these so called “Miracle” Diet plans, anything that has a prefix as so and so “Diet“, is always an extreme dieting formula. And as the wisest men all these years have proved again and again, “Excess of Everything is Bad”. Website :

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