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Vanishing Point

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Vanishing Point - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Then, you will learn about the techniques you will need to recreate a similar ... Directions: You will go back in time and view pieces of art from art history. ...

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Vanishing Point

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The Case of the …

Vanishing Point

A WebQuest about

Linear Perspective








Points have been vanishing in landscape drawings for years. On your journey to uncover the mystery, you will go back in time to find some of the first vanishing points documented in art history. Then, you will learn about the techniques you will need to recreate a similar scene and create the illusion once again!


Your Mission

To understand perspective enough to reproduce it you must

be a careful detective. Here is your mission…

  • First you must learn the terms of perspective.
  • Then, examine the evidence

(from old paintings)

  • Search for clues all around you
  • And recreate the crime scene.

Learn the Terms

Directions: Record your findings with your partner on the handout.

What is the definition of Linear Perspective?

What are Vanishing Points and Converging Lines?

How does an artist show Depth or create deep space in a painting?


Examine the Evidence

Directions: You will go back in time and view pieces of art from art history. Click on different parts of the painting to discover the hidden evidences of perspective.

View this early Italian Renaissance painting

Don’t forget to click for evidence of perspective!

View another painting by the same artist.

This time click on what every line in the

painting seems to point to!

3. Now see if Leonardo da Vinci’s artwork showed signs of perspective in a painting he did in 1473 at age 21.


Search For Clues Around You

Directions: Perspective drawing helps create the illusion of depth. Before you can create it you must learn how to find in all around you. We have set up spy cameras in different locations throughout the city of Chicago.

  • View each camera then pick one to focus on.
  • Draw a sketch on your handout (#4) from the

spy cam you chose. Include as many clues of perspective that you can find. For example; a vanishing point, converging lines, relative size,

position on the picture plane, and aerial perspective.


Recreate the Crime

Take out paper, pencil, and ruler. Both you and your partner need to follow these steps to each make your own landscape drawing with linear perspective.

Turn your paper horizontally.

Trace the stencil in the center of the paper.

Click here and follow the drawing steps.

Add details to your perspective drawing

such as windows, street lights, cars, & trees.

5. Outline your drawing and color with overwriters.



Total score= ___/100


Piero della Francesca

The Flagellation c. 1469


Piero della Francesca

Montefeltro Altarpiece 1465 (detail)


Try another building on the other side. Make the rectangle tall enough to go above and below the horizon line.


Lightly draw the converging lines from the top and bottom left edges of the rectangle to the vanishing point.


Define the top and bottom edges of the building. Make sure they both head towards the vanishing point.


Try another building. Create a crowded feeling with more overlapping. Try going off the top of the paper.


Mission Accomplished!

Now, you may go on a driving quest for a vanishing point with Hyper Trak, an online video game.

Can you spot signs of perspective in this game?