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One of newest, most extensive Business school trading rooms in the country ... All Ross School Of Business students can sign up for a free Bloomberg login ...

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introduction to the tozzi center

Introduction to the Tozzi Center

For Finance Career Searches

Ross School of Business Finance Club

By Zachary Emig

MBA Class of 2005

presentation outline
Presentation Outline
  • General Overview
  • Bloomberg
  • FactSet
  • Bank Research Portals
  • Conclusion
i general overview
I. General Overview
  • One of newest, most extensive Business school trading rooms in the country
  • Open to all MBA students
  • Unless a class is using it, free to come in any day of the week
  • Schedule available at:

  • Classes in Tozzi: FIN 640 (Fin. Trading), FIN 725 (Portfolio Mgmt.)
ii bloomberg
II. Bloomberg
  • All Ross School Of Business students can sign up for a free Bloomberg login
  • Sign-up takes 10~15 minutes
  • Once you have a Bloomberg account, you can come in and use Bloomberg whenever you want (during free lab hours)
ii bloomberg cont
II. Bloomberg (cont.)
  • Bloomberg is a very useful tool for following the markets, researching companies, keeping up with current events
  • At various points during the school year, Bloomberg certification classes are held in Tozzi (free to MBA students)
  • Finance Club 2004 Coursepack, section 8 has many useful Bloomberg commands
ii bloomberg cont6
II. Bloomberg (cont.)

Useful Bloomberg Commands:

iii factset
III. FactSet
  • Useful tool for screening on stocks, researching companies & sectors
  • On every computer in the Tozzi Center, although certain workstations have “fuller” versions
  • Does not require a login/password, so available for use whenever the Tozzi Center is available
iii factset cont
III. FactSet (cont.)
  • Tip: the version of FactSet with the “FRD” button along the left side is very powerful
  • FRD = First Research Direct = access to IB research reports on the current company and its sector
  • VERY useful for S&T&R interviews: having research reports is like having a cheat sheet of what Wall Street thinks about a stock!!!
iv bank research portals
IV. Bank Research Portals
  • Tozzi Center has logins to 4 banks’ institutional research portals:
    • Morgan Stanley
    • Merrill Lynch
    • UBS
    • Citigroup
  • Only Kai has these logins, so use is restricted to the Tozzi Center
iv bank research portals cont
IV. Bank Research Portals (cont.)
  • Again, these are tremendous resources for recruiting that other schools do not have
  • Research reports help you:
    • Learn different products (CDOs, MBS, FX, etc.)
    • Follow arguments about what’s happening in the economy
    • Get the sell-side’s view on individual stocks and sectors
  • Two I’d recommend:
    • UBS’ Brokerage Industry – What to Watch (monthly)
    • Merrill’s The Market Economist (weekly) by David Rosenberg
v conclusion
V. Conclusion

The Tozzi Center is very useful for any job search:

v conclusion cont
V. Conclusion (cont.)
  • Don’t underestimate how unique a resource Tozzi is among business schools
  • A couple of Chicago FinClub members drove down here just to see it; mentioned they have 1 Bloomberg terminal in the entire school
  • S&T: I have a CD of useful technical guides; see me in breakout session
  • Q&A