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OTAs (On-line Travel Agents) which you go to their websites and update ... Personal Contacts with Travel Managers at TMCs (Travel Management Companies) and ...

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Supranational Hotels Ltd.

Distribution & You

Who We Are



existing direct sales channels
Existing Direct Sales Channels

For a typical hotel, direct sales channels may include:

  • Tour Operators
  • Group business: Weddings, functions, MICE
  • Direct Bookings: Walk-ins, Telephone bookings
  • Local businesses (companies booking directly)
  • OTAs (On-line Travel Agents) which you go to their websites and update – extranets. For example or Expedia.

The above remains and continues to be your own business.

electronic sales channels
Electronic Sales Channels
  • Hotels can reach the global market by connecting to:
  • GDS (Global Distribution System) – used by travel agents to book flights, hotels and cars for their clients, mainly business travellers;
  • IDS (Internet Distribution System) – used by OTAs, travel websites etc., for business & leisure travellers (e.g. Lastminute, Opodo, Orbitz, Expedia, etc.);
  • Using a Booking Engine on your website;
  • OTAs via our Gateway – XML Direct Connect

This is where Supranational Hotels can help!

the sales picture
The Sales Picture

GatewayDirect Connect



Tour Operators


Hotels CRS




Local Businesses

Call Centres

Booking Engines

Direct Bookings

gds global distribution system
GDS (Global Distribution System)

Information on Room Availability, rates, hotel content and images are distributed via our Columbus CRS (Central Reservation System) to over 600,000 travel agents worldwide using GDS.


why gds
Why GDS?
  • Global Distribution:
  • used by 600,000 travel agents worldwide
  • Bookings made for business travellers (air, hotel, car)
  • for public rates and “negotiated rates”
  • powering OTAs such as Expedia and Lastminute
  • enable photos to be distributed
  • Started in the 60s, still an indispensable channel for bookings,
  • especially, for negotiated rates.
  • Visit http://www.amadeus.netas an example !
why gds7
Why GDS?

2. Better Return

  • Normally higher rates are booked
  • Much higher revenue than selling to tour operators
  • More “total spent” by business travellers
  • Business travels are less affected by high/low seasons, fill weekdays

3. Secure More Business

  • Companies tend to specify which hotels their employees are allowed to use
  • If you are in their “Preferred Hotel Programmes”, you will secure more business
  • Local deals can be extended to include their global sister


ids internet distribution system
IDS (Internet Distribution System)

A term to describe thousands of Internet Hotel Booking Websites, powered by GDS and Pegasus Solutions.

ODD – Online Distribution Database

why ids
Why IDS?
  • Thousands of OTAs can see and book your hotel if you are on the system.
  • Cover both business and leisure markets.
  • Distribute both public and negotiated rates.
  • Enable hotel to reach out to individuals.
  • Gain maximum exposure.
  • Part of a hotel’s sales & marketing strategy – being visible is the first step!
  • Travellers may then “Google” to find your own website or telephone number to book! – a so called “Billboard Effect”

We connect you to the IDS via ODD (On-line Distribution Database), where thousands of OTAs are linked to.

gateway direct connect
Gateway Direct Connect
  • It is challenging for hotels to devote time to update OTAs’ extranets.
  • Gateway XML Direct Connect links our CRS to these websites’ systems directly.
  • Hotels can update rates and availability on our CRS to cover various channels such as GDS, IDS, booking engines, travel websites all at the same time (channel management).
  • Saving hotels’ time and resources. Lower booking fees!
  • Easier for hotels to police rate parity and availability parity. Less mistakes.
  • Easier also for travel websites to manage and they receive incentive too!
why booking engine
Why Booking Engine?
  • Capture your audience. Visitors on your site can book rooms right away!
  • No need to manage a separate pool of rooms. This can be part of the whole availability for GDS, IDS and other electronic channels.
  • Supranational offers to set up standard Booking Engine free of charge for member properties.
  • Tailored design to fit in with ‘look & feel’.


  • Multilingual: Danish, English, French, German, Hungarian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian
  • You can also sell non-room products too!
call centre distribution
Call Centre Distribution
  • Call Centre Network for Voice Bookings callers from:

Austria - Belgium

Denmark - Finland

France - Germany

The Netherlands - Ireland

Italy - Norway

Portugal - Spain

Sweden - Switzerland

UK - Lebanon

North America - South America

supranational s website
Supranational’s Website

Website for public:

Essential booking tool for public, agents and businesses

Essential branding facility - your hotel logo(s)

Advertising campaigns for new hotels

Advertising campaign for promotional rates

Image Library

company background
Company Background
  • Established in 1974 by Grand Hotels in Denmark
  • Set up by hoteliers, for hoteliers.
  • The Board of Directors are from 7 hotel groups (Austria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Middle East, Norway & Spain)
  • Partnership with hotels
  • Record industry membership 36 years!
  • Average 20 years!
  • Portfolio: Over 900 hotel members, in over 75 countries
  • 3 to 5 star, Business & Leisure hotels
  • Key city and secondary destinations
the supranational family
The Supranational Family…



the supranational family16
The Supranational Family…


Africa, Middle East, Asia:

the supranational team
The Supranational Team
  • London (HQ), Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Italy & Spain
  • 12 nationalities speaking 7 languages
  • In-house support & advice

- System technology support

- Sales & marketing; RFP process

- Data Loading & management

  • Advice, reviews to maximise booking potential
  • Local reservation offices & help desk
  • All with extensive travel industry knowledge!
sales and marketing services
Sales and Marketing Services
  • Marketing Communications Collateral
  • Sales Activities
  • Contracting Management Service
  • GDS Marketing/Competitor Analysis
  • Public Relations Services
  • Dedicated Corporate Account Management
  • Supranational’s Web Technology
sales and marketing team
Sales and Marketing Team
  • Teams in London, Germany, Sweden, North America
  • Promote member hotels to:

- Multinational Companies

- Travel Management Companies

- Consortia and Travel Agencies

  • Direct Sales & Marketing:

- Sales Calls - Exhibitions

- Workshops - Presentations

- Partner activities - Road-Shows

- Seminars - Invitations

- Annual Conference - Agent/Corporate Evenings

sales and marketing
Sales and Marketing
  • Indirect Sales & Marketing:

- Electronic Directory

- Periodic Newsletter (whatsnew@supranational)

- Agent Promotion

- Leisure Programme

- Advertising, including GDS banner advertisement placement

- PR-news

  • Direct Marketing:

- Email campaigns

- Mailings

marketing communication
Marketing Communication

Agency Newsletter:


A Monthly bulletin.

Audience: Consortia & Agencies


Introduce new hotels

Promotional rates & campaigns

Agency opinion polls

Hotel news

Supranational corporate activities

marketing communication22
Marketing Communication

Fact sheets:

  • One-page information sheet on each of the Supranational groups, with own sub-chain codes
  • Provides a snap-shot of hotel locations, classification and contact details.
  • Distributed to Consortia, agencies, corporations, Supranational reservation centres and staff.
gds electronic marketing
GDS Electronic Marketing
  • Target a powerful customer base through 600,000 terminals via the 4 GDS: Sabre, Galileo, Worldspan and Amadeus
  • Text messages and promotional descriptions to enhance awareness of your hotel product, thereby encouraging travel agents to sell it.
  • Expert advice on free and paid advertising campaigns.
  • Direct dealings with the GDS via Supranational.
tmc corporate rfps
TMC & Corporate RFPs
  • Personal Contacts with Travel Managers at TMCs (Travel Management Companies) and Corporates – Global level;
  • Contracting Management Services - Assist members in participating in Hotel Programmes by invitations or RFPs (Request for Proposals);
  • Partnership with Lanyon, offering discounted rate to use their Content Control Centre tool for RFPs;
  • Acceptance rate in hotel programmes at 96%
  • Assist with rate negotiations, solicited and unsolicited bids
consortia contracting
Consortia Contracting
  • Examples of consortia preferred rate programmes we participate in:


BCD Travel BSI Carson Wagonlit Travel

CCRA Custom Travel System DERTour Ehotel AG FCM Travel Solutions


JTB Lufthansa City Centre LCCI


TBB EMEA THOR TravelGraphics International

Travel Savers WIN (Worldwide Independent Travel Network)

corporate contracting
Corporate Contracting
  • Examples of corporate we account manage/work with:

ABB Entertainment AON Canon

Accenture Entory AG Reuters CISCO

AXA Barclays BASF Bayer

BAE Systems BP Chevron Ebay

Catepillar Daimler AG Deutsche Post EON

Dupont EDS Ericsson Honeywell

Henkel General Electric EU IMF

Motorola Nokia Peugeot Linde

Philips Kraft Foods Lockheed Price Waterhouse

Reuters SAAB Nestle Sun Microsystems

Shell SAP Siemens Porter &Gamble

Sony Unilever Vodafone Toyota

Wella Yahoo World Bank J&J

supranational s website27
Supranational’s Website has 2 sections:

  • Members’ Area
  • Public area containing corporate information

Communication platform with members and the


  • Essential marketing tool for branding
  • Tools, tips, training movies for Members
  • One-Stop information centre
members area
Members’ Area

This is where a hotel member can:

  • Access the CRS to update rates and availability
  • Download bookings if necessary
  • Download monthly booking statistics and reports
  • Download manuals, user guides and training movies
  • Access information on consortia hotel programmes, download RFP’s
  • Access Lanyon for RFP returns
  • View useful industry news, tips and advice
hotel members support
Hotel Members Support
  • A central & personalised point of contact
  • European presence with HQ in London
  • North American presence - takes over when Europe

closes business

  • Local account management (Germany, North America,

UK, Scandinavia)

  • 12 nationalities speaking 7 languages
  • In-house support & advice

- System technology support

- Sales & marketing

  • Global reservation offices & help desk
  • Frequent Booking Reporting, Performance Review and Remedy
technology overview
Technology Overview
  • Columbus NG CRS – The Heart of Distribution
rates and availability management
Rates and Availability Management
  • We build your hotel in the Systems to ensure accuracy before going “live.”
  • Effortless management of:

- Dynamic Rate changing & Channel Management;

- Opening and closing of rate levels and room types;

- Yield, by minimum length of stay, restricted arrival date, maximum length of stay etc;

- Addition revenue by offering non-room items

  • Changes instantly updated on the GDS and ADS.
  • User Friendly Interface.
  • We have our own developers, ensuring full control in further system development, functions and system enhancement.
  • Twice awarded “Best Technology Provider” by Amadeus.

Training is offered to maximise benefits.

columbus next generation ng
Columbus Next Generation (NG)
  • Next Generation CRS with the latest technology.
  • Built-in Multi-Channel Management function.
  • Power Next Generation Booking Engine to enable

hotels to sell non-room items on their websites.

  • E-concierge
  • Dynamic Packaging
  • Web-based call centre
  • Flexible reporting
marketing intelligence
Marketing Intelligence
  • Frequent Management Reports for forecast & budgets
  • Consolidates by hotel group & by property
  • Per Hotel per rate code
  • Per hotel per source
  • Per hotel summary by commission
  • Consolidated per travel agent
  • Per hotel per reservation
  • Per travel agent per reservation with commission
  • Per country summary
  • A selection of 1122 different reports on request !
  • They are updated weekly/monthly and can be downloaded from our website.
figures for thoughts
Figures for thoughts
  • Our weekly reports enable hotels to look ahead.
  • Are we up or down on pre-bookings compared with last year?
  • Why?
  • Are our rates too high compared with last year’s?
  • Have we closed out too soon?
  • In spring, should we open up a promotional rate for the summer to attract more bookings?
technological benefits
Technological Benefits

Technology & distribution:

  • Next Generation Seamless online availability & reservation
  • Optional Interface Solution - One or two way communication to major PMS systems - XML specification available
  • Dedicated Supranational intranet for all members
  • Public & Corporate Online platform :
  • Group codes for hotel groups who want to retain their identity
  • XML Direct Connect (Gateway) to our CRS by travel dot-coms
  • Full Private Label distribution for hotel groups (e.g. MM for Maritim Hotels)
booking engine
Booking Engine
  • An increasingly important booking source, for visitors browsing through hotel’s own website.

We offer:

  • Booking engines for Groups and Individual hotels to facilitate on-line bookings.
booking engine38
Booking Engine


A Tailor-made web booking engine for Groups and Individual hotels

our membership
Our Membership
  • Tailored Packages to suit Different Hotels:
  • Whether you are a business, or leisure hotel
  • Whether you are in city centre, or in other locations
  • Whether you are already on GDS or not
our membership41
Our Membership
  • 4 distinctive packages to choose from, to suit the needs of each hotel member or hotel groups:

GDS & IDS/OTA, IBE, Gateway distribution & connectivity plus full marketing facilities

GDS & IDS/OTA, IBE, Gateway distribution & connectivity plus selected marketing facilities

Webservice – IDS/OTA, IBE,


Direct Connect to OTAs

Distribution solution - GDS & IDS/OTA, IBE, Gateway distribution and connectivity only

key positioning messages
Key Positioning Messages
  • Retain Supranational’s position as a leading travel technologyprovider in the hotel reservation arena
  • First to develop own CRS system in 1980
  • First to adopt the latest “next-generation seamless” technology
  • First to offer complete pricing functionality
  • Competitive feespremium services and connectivity to all sales channels with minimum investment from members
  • Sales & MarketingPowerful International brand recognised amongst mega travel agencies and multinational corporations
  • Customer FocusedEvery hotel member is important to us
  • We customise our service to suit your needs and requirements accordingly!
  • The most versatile reservation technology
  • Full hotel content to maximise booking opportunities
  • Full electronic/internet channel coverage
  • Appropriate advice to help you understand the rules in a fast moving and complex industry, and to maximise potential
  • The best tools to succeed & be ahead of competition
  • Leverage on an international sales network of existing members to increase brand awareness and revenue
  • We are a co-op, not-for-profit company set up by hoteliers for hoteliers.
benefits to members
Benefits to Members
  • Industrial knowledge36 years strong business profile; Leverage on Supranational’s expert knowledge and competence
  • Highly cost-effective technology - Reduces expenditure and increases revenue
  • Increase Bookings:

High return on investment

Reports and statistical data at your fingertips

  • Easy ManagementManage availability and rates effortlessly
  • We look after your distribution - Enable you to focus on local marketing and to serve/retain your guests
  • Global Presence
  • Full Members’ Support - Centralised customer care
further benefits
Further Benefits
  • Sophisticated monthly statistics - monitoring your revenue streams, planning ahead, formulation of strategies;
  • Branding - Powerful international brand recognised amongst mega agencies and multinational Corporates; Opportunities for hotel groups to brand (Group-Code).
  • Independence
  • You are in control of your hotel content, rates, availability and marketing messages
  • Supranational preserves and strengthens your hotel’s brand integrity
  • Commission Processing Services
  • Last but not least– We are very flexible and will find the best way to serve you!
  • Be a part of the second largest hotel consortia

(Hotel Magazine August 2009)

let s explore further together
Let’s Explore Further, Together

Please contact us at:

Supranational Hotels Ltd.

The Butlers Wharf Building

36 Shad Thames

London SE1 2YE

+44 (0)20 7357 0770

thank you
Thank You!

“With Supranational Hotels, you’re always

in good company!”