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Suffixes By Anabel -able Changeable- able to change PowerPoint Presentation
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Suffixes By Anabel -able Changeable- able to change

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Suffixes By Anabel -able Changeable- able to change - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Memorize- to put it in memory. This girl made it to the finalize -Ian. Egyptian- one who ... ships. Doctor-dentist, veterinarian, or osteopath. Popeye is a sailor ...

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By Anabel

  • Changeable- able to change
  • Erasable- able to erase
  • Acceptable- able to accept
  • Noticeable- able to notice
  • Valuable- worth a great deal of money

These rings have a valuable diamond

  • Realize- to make real
  • Finalize- to make it final
  • Memorize- to put it in memory

This girl made it to the finalize

  • Egyptian- one who comes from Egypt
  • Politician- one who works in politics
  • Canadian- one who comes from Canada

King Tut is Egyptian

George Washington is a politician

They are Canadians

  • Forcible- able to be forced
  • Edible- able to be eaten
  • Fallible- able to get stuff wrong

The pancakes are edible

  • Delicious- with an appealing or enjoyable taste or smell
  • Precious- worth a great deal of money
  • Ferocious- very fierce or savage
  • Spacious- roomy and containing ample in scope

This cake is very delicious

This kid is very ferocious

    • Fictitious- not true or genuine and intended to deceive
  • Infectious- capable of affecting the emotions and attitudes of others
  • Nutritious- containing minerals, vitamins, and other substance that promote health
  • Cautious-to be careful

This is a caution sign

  • Telegram- a message sent by telegraph
  • Hologram- the image produced by a hologram
  • Cryptogram- a symbol with a secret meaning or significance
  • Diagram- a simple drawing showing the basic shape, layout, or working of something

This writing is called cryptogram

  • Radiograph- X-ray
  • Autograph- to write your signature on something such as a book or photograph
  • Photograph- picture writing

This is a radiograph

  • movement- act of moving
  • Instrument- something that has music inside
  • Argument- debate or discussion about something

This is a instrument

  • Historic- it is related to history
  • Allergic- having allergy
  • Gigantic- enormous, huge, colossal
  • Realistic- it is related to real life

This photograph is realistic

  • Dentist- someone who practice general dentistry
  • Artist- somebody who creates art, especially paintings
  • Scientist- someone who studies science

He is a dentist

Sara is a artist

  • Television- to see from a distance
  • Permission- to allow someone to do something
  • Division- to be divided
  • Discussion- the state of talking

This is a television

  • Attention- care, tending
  • Direction- the way in which somebody goes, points, or faces
  • Location- the site or position of something
  • Caution- to be aware of something

The directions to Holiday Inn

  • Enormous- full of size
  • Famous- full of fame
  • Humorous- full of humor
  • Poisonous- full of poison

The hippo is enormous

  • Traveler- somebody on a journey
  • Speaker- a person who speak
  • Swimmer- someone who swims

The elephant is a swimmer

  • Actor- performer in plays
  • Sailor- somebody who works on ships
  • Doctor-dentist, veterinarian, or osteopath

Popeye is a sailor