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Rocky & Bullwinkle: Getting tenure, promotion, publishing, ... Get Down and Write. 7. less is more:

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Rocky & Bullwinkle:Getting tenure, promotion, publishing, grantmanship, and happinessDr. Alan ZollmanNorthern Illinois University

November 14, 2009

2:30-5:55 pm

School Science & Mathematics Association

2008 Annual Convention

Raleigh-Durham, NC

what is the highest correlated aspect with respect to manuscripts being accepted for publications

What is the highest correlated aspect with respect to manuscripts being accepted for publications?


What is the highest correlated aspect with respect to manuscripts being accepted for publications?ANSWER is : (a colon in the title)


Get Down and Write

Writing Circle

Write Everyday for 15 Minutes

Not What You Did, But Why It Is Interesting

Elevator pitch = summary that is short enough to give during an elevator ride

Read Out Loud Your Writing


Get Down and Write


#1: motivation: broadly, what is problem area, why important?

# 2: narrow down: what is problem you specifically consider

# 3: “In the paper, we ….”: most crucial paragraph, tell your elevator pitch

# 4: how different/better/relates to other work

# 5: “The remainder of this paper is structured as follows”


Get Down and Write

7. less is more: “I would have sent you less if I had had time”

8. page upon page of dense text is no fun to read

9. 40 tables is no fun to read either

10. Don’t overstate/understate your results 

11. Put your Title in front of you



Jim Kurose, Top Ten Tips for Writing

Tara Gray, Publish and Flourish. Teaching academy, New Mexico State University Press 2005

Dr. Alan ZollmanDept. of Mathematical Sciences Northern Illinois UniversityDeKalb, IL 60115815/