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Decorative. Unified Design Keep it Consistent. Readability 36/28 Points (Font Size) ... Decorative. Sans Serif. Serif. Serif. Unified Design. Inconsistent Design ...

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PowerPoint 2007

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what will be covered
What will be covered?
  • A brief overview of new 2007 look and feel.
  • The differences between Templates, Layouts, Themes and Masters.
  • Design Tips
  • Customizing your presentation thru Layouts, Themes and Masters (fonts, colors, backgrounds, logos, etc).
  • Hands-on practice.
new look and feel for 2007
New Look and Feel for 2007
  • The traditional toolbars, as we knew them, have been replaced by the Ribbon. The use of the Ribbon is standard across all of the Office 2007 applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc) and is dynamic to each.
different views
Different Views
  • Normal View: Default view and consists of three panes.

Slides & Outlines Tab

different views cont
Different Views, cont…
  • Slide Sorter View: Displays all slides as thumbnails.
different views cont7
Different Views, cont…
  • Slide Show View: Shows you how your presentation will look projected onto a screen.
different views cont8
Different Views, cont…
  • Slide Master View: Displays the master slides for your presentation.
create a new presentation
Create a New Presentation
  • Pre-made template
    • PowerPoint built-in
    • Microsoft Office Online
  • Blank presentation with placeholders
  • Templates based on presentations
  • Existing presentation
starting with a template
Starting with a Template

Office button

Installed templates



Online templates

templates provide designs
Templates Provide Designs
  • A theme
  • A layout
  • Content
modifying a template
Modifying a Template
  • Add standard elements
  • Change font style or size
  • Modify layout
    • Move the object
    • Change the size
    • Delete a placeholder
slide layouts
Slide Layouts
  • When you change the layout on a slide, you change the type and/or positioning of the placeholders on it. This does not effect fonts, etc.

Title & Content

Title Slide

Two Content


slide layouts15
Slide Layouts
  • Placeholders hold content
  • Placeholders control element location
  • Placeholders can be deleted
  • Placeholder size can be changed
  • Placeholders can be moved
  • Themes allow you to apply unified formatting to your presentation. This includes backgrounds, fonts and colors.




Same Content / Three Different Themes

applying and modifying a theme
Applying and Modifying a Theme






color gallery
Color Gallery

Colors in theme

Create new

color themes

fonts gallery
Fonts Gallery

Title font

Different fonts

for title and body

Body font

Same font used for both

effects gallery
Effects Gallery

Soft glow





background styles gallery
Background Styles Gallery




visual design rules of thumb
Visual Design Rules of Thumb
  • Appeal and professionalism
    • Design for your audience
  • Simpler is Better!
    • Keep the design elements simple
    • Avoid cluttering the slides with extra graphics and too much information
    • Select a group of colors that work well together & use throughout
    • Write clear, concise non-sentence structures
visual design rules cont
Visual Design Rules Cont..
  • Text Design Elements Rules
    • Do not underline text
    • Use Bold & Italics sparingly
    • Avoid text that leaves one word on a line on its Own
    • Avoid using multiple spaces after punctuation (White River)
visual design rules cont24
Visual Design Rules Cont..
  • Font style
    • Select one and stick to it!
      • Make sure fonts are big enough to read!
      • Serif
      • Sans Serif
      • Decorative
  • Unified Design – Keep it Consistent
  • Readability – 36/28 Points (Font Size)
  • Focal point – The way the image leads the eyes
accessibility features
Accessibility Features
  • Adding Alternative Text to Graphics
  • Use the themes delivered within the PowerPoint software.
  • Think twice when adding animations. Are they necessary to the presentation?
  • Use the object shortcuts for inserting and creating graphs and tables.
  • If an external document is inserted into a presentation (embedded), the inserted document must also be accessible.
  • Use an external editing program such as LecShare to make sure the presentation is accessible (

Delivery Tips

Rehearse Timing


Know your audience


serif or sans serif
Serif or Sans Serif?

Sans Serif




unified design
Unified Design

Inconsistent Design

Consistent Design

7 x 7 guideline
7 X 7 Guideline
  • Seven words per line
  • Seven lines per slide



Decisions, Decisions

  • Edit to short phrases
  • Use bullet points
  • Use active voice
  • Be clear and concise
  • Elements should support not distract
  • Be consistent


  • Titles
    • Use title case
    • 36 points +
  • Bullet points
    • Use sentence case
    • 28 points +

Don’t forget the 7 X 7 guideline!

focal point
Focal Point
  • Rehearse Timings
  • Arrive Early
  • Know your audience
  • Maintain eye contact
  • Allows you to add repeated content, such as a logo or background graphic.
masters cont
Masters, cont…
  • Adding something to a Master slide, means that it will repeat on every new slide for that particular Master.
  • If you want to add a logo or background graphic to just a few slides, skip the Master and add them on an individual basis.
  • Fast
  • Organized
  • Sequenced
  • Offers a global overview
editing the outline
Editing the Outline
  • Cut
  • Copy
  • Paste
  • Drag and drop
  • Find and replace
  • Apply formatting
expand or collapse the outline
Expand or Collapse the Outline

Collapsed view

Expanded view

importing outlines
Importing Outlines
  • Word outline
  • Other word processing applications
    • Rich Text Format - .rtf
    • Plain Text Format - .txt
headers and footers
Headers and Footers




setting up a footer
Setting Up a Footer

Apply to current

slide only

Date style

Title slide checkbox

setting up the header
Setting Up the Header


Fixed date

reuse slides
Reuse Slides

Add Slide button

Reuse Slides option

reuse slides continued
Reuse Slides (continued)

Reuse Slides


Browse button


of slide

package to cd or folder
Package to CD or folder
  • Must have Windows XP or later
  • Must have a CD Burner
  • Package in MS Office PowerPoint 2007 Viewer
    • Enables you to show it on a computer that does not have PowerPoint
    • Files are converted to older formats such as .ppt, .pot, .pps
  • Package it just as it is, to be presented within PowerPoint
    • Choose Options, Archive
info help
Info & Help
  • If you need help finding something or aren’t sure how to do something, use the Help feature within PowerPoint.
  • You can also find online tutorials on the Microsoft website under the Help & How To section.
  • Use YouTube !
contact information
Contact Information

Lucy Parker

Dept. of Computer Science

California State University, Northridge

(818) 677-3941 Office

(310) 749-3749 Cell