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  1. GoogleSearch Engine Process Manual By Aissatou Cherif Balde Williams R. Aguilar Kelly Cruz Addis Habteselassie

  2. Introduction • Google is a publicly owned company that has launched a vocabulary all its own. It is a powerful full-text search engine and a pop-up free. Although it contains a directory, google is not a directory or a replacement for a library. It is not either a collection of all the sites on the Internet. • Google is a useful tool to find information and is suitable for everyone. It is helpful for students, teachers, or just for an ordinary person who wants to find information about any subject. In addition, the google search engine is very friendlier. It offers a basic and an advanced search engine. Both of these two engines are made friendlier for the ease of use of the hosts. Also, google can be used anytime and anywhere where there is an Internet connection.

  3. Purpose of this tutorial • The intended purpose of this tutorial is to demonstrate the practical use that Google has as powerful tool. The tutorial will guide novice and advanced users through the main features and characteristics developed by Google to effectively search and find the information needed and requested by the user. It will also provide the ability to work with Google’s software such as Google’s Tool Bar and Google’s Translator, which intends to cover all possible computer information needs of any user regardless of education level, age and language limitations.

  4. Step1: Simply open Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigation application to begin with the search. Then type to bring the search engine to the screen and simply type the word, sentence or question needed.

  5. Step2: Now, press Enter or click on the Google Search button below the box where the word or phrase was entered. Note that next to the Google Search button is the I’m Feeling Lucky button, if you click on that button it will automatically upload the first web page on the Google ranking instead of displaying the list of possible web sites that suit the word or phrase entered.

  6. Step3: After Enter is pressed or Google Search button clicked, a window such as this should appear on the screen, notice that if a word was misspelled, the search engine will include the most correct word in the section Did You Mean: associated with the term or word entered.

  7. Advanced Users Image Search Searching for Addresses, Locations and Businesses Step1:To start the search, click on the Local heading link at the top of the Google Main search. Now, enter the name of the business, address or location on the search input box or browse by direct manipulating the interactive map provided on the screen.

  8. Notice at the left hand side Example Searches Notice at the left hand side Example Searches

  9. After the Search is clicked or Enter is pressed, a window such as this should appear on your screen detailing the address and nearby streets.

  10. Step2: To generate a more accurate image of the destination, the places and streets nearby, the map can be modified and manipulated to deliver a detailed image. Once the right results are displayed on the screen, click on the Satellite which will deliver a satellite image of the address or place displayed. If the Hybrid button is clicked, the browser will display a combination of satellite and labels detailing entirely the place or address and the surroundings. Note that this is the view when the Satellite button is clicked

  11. This is the view the browser should generate when the Hybrid button is clicked

  12. Step3: Google map also is flexible enough to zoom down to bring in detail images of the streets and places. Simply drag the mouse on the zoom bar found at the left side of the page to adjust the image as needed. The map can also be manipulated to search the surrounding areas of the map by simply clicking on the map and drag around or by clicking on the directional arrows located on top of the zoom bar.

  13. Installing Google Toolbar Step1: Type Google toolbar at the Google main page which will generate the results that will direct the browser to the Google toolbar page. Step2: click on the first option that will appear on the screen to upload Google toolbar page Step3: And then click on the blue button to start downloading.

  14. Finally click on the Open button to download and execute the installation of the toolbar to do your work.

  15. Conclusion • Google ( is the premier search tool on the Internet to providing easy access to billions of web pages today. Google features not only the best Web search engine, but many additional features including a directory, image search, current news, user groups, froogle, cached links, Web Page Translation, and more. Furthermore, google is fast and has the ability to sort by relevance or date.