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  2. Meet the Founders Lawrence Page Sergey Brin Born August 21, 1973 His family emigrated to the United States to escape Jewish persecution in 1979 The son of a Soviet mathematician economist After receiving his degree in mathematics and computer science from the University of Maryland at College Park, Brin entered Stanford University, where he met Larry Paige. • Born: March 26,1973 in East Lansing Michigan • “Page's father Carl was a pioneer in computer science and artificial intelligence and his mother taught computer programming.” • Page earned a bachelor of science degree in engineering from the University of Michigan later deciding to continue his studies in computer engineering at Stamford University where he met Sergey Brin.

  3. How it All Began • In 1996 Sergey and Larry began to collaborate the search engine that they named BackRub • BackRub operated off of Stanford's servers for more than a year , eventually taking up too much bandwidth to suit the university. • BackRub used links to determine the importance of individual webpage • BackRub

  4. How it Got it’s Name • Larry and Sergey decided that BackRub was not a suitable name that is when the brainstorming began. • The name Google came from a play on the word googol, a mathematical term for the number represented by the numeral 1 followed by 100 zeros. The use of the term reflects their mission to organize a seemingly infinite amount of information on the web.

  5. Funding for Google Inc. • “Their technology was solid, but not solid enough to impress either the money boys or the major internet portals, so they continued struggling for financial support. Enter Andy Bechtolsheim, a founder of Sun Microsystems, who was one of the few to see the true potential of what Brin and Page had wrought. During their presentation to him, Bechtolsheim said he had to duck out for another meeting and offered to write them a check.” • Wired Article

  6. First Office Space • Google began in a friends garage in Santa Margarita, Menlo Park with only three employees • Eventually outgrowing the garage space they moved their operation to new office space in Palo Alto with just eight employees • Later moving to an office with a mountain view.

  7. Changes in 2000 • Google releases the first 10 language version French, German, Italian, Swedish, Finnish, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian and Danish. • They forged a partnership with Yahoo! To become their default search provider. • They announced the first billion- URL index and therefore Google became the worlds largest search engine.

  8. Other Milestones in Google History • 2004 Keyhole is acquired, which later becomes what we know now as Google maps • 2005 Google maps go live • Google Earth is revealed. Google earth is a satellite imagery-based mapping service combining 3D buildings and terrain with mapping capabilities and Google search. • In 2006 Google acquired YouTube

  9. Milestones Continued • In 2007 Google made Gmail accessible to everyone no longer just by invitation • Google maps becomes the prime placement on the original Iphone • 2008 they released Google Chrome this lead into Google+ • And the list continues ……….

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