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Food Exports. Tropical Fruits common in Mediterranean countries. Fishing in Scandinavia and ... Scandinavian: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark. Southern ...

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Europe l.jpg


Natural Environments

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Mediterranean Sea

English Channel

Iberian Peninsula

Carpathian Mountains

Strait of Gibraltar

Scandinavian Peninsula

Baltic Sea

Danube River

Rhine River

Climate and biomes l.jpg
Climate and Biomes

  • Most climates mild

  • England

  • Scandinavia

  • Southern Europe

  • Central Europe

Forests and vineyards l.jpg

  • Forests in Germany, Austria, Czechoslovakia, Switzerland and Italy

  • Vineyards in Italy, France and Spain

Food exports l.jpg
Food Exports

  • Tropical Fruits common in Mediterranean countries

  • Fishing in Scandinavia and some Mediterranean countries

  • Major money in fishing and fruits

European culture l.jpg
European Culture

  • Diversified throughout region

  • English: Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England

  • French: BeNeLux countries

  • Scandinavian: Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Denmark

  • Southern Europe: Spain, Portugal, Italy

  • Germanic: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

  • Balkans: Serbia and Montenegro, Albania, Bosnia Herzegovina

  • Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

History of europe l.jpg
History of Europe

  • Rome conquered much of Europe leaving great influence but after Rome fell, Europe was basically tribal

  • Middle Ages: 600-1300

  • Renaissance and Reformation: 1300-1600

  • Industrialization and Imperialism: 1600-2000

  • 20th Century

    • World War I and World War II

Current issues l.jpg
Current Issues

  • The EU

    • Started with BeNeLux countries after WWII

    • Unites Europe economically and diplomatically

  • East vs. West

    • Former dividing line between Communist and Democratic countries

    • Eastern Europe tends to be significantly underdeveloped and behind Western Europe

  • Population

    • Northern and Eastern European countries population is declining except in minority groups creating new problems

    • Third largest population cluster in the world in located in BeNeLux countries

  • Imperialistic Consequences

    • Minority issues

    • Loss of prestige and power

The former yugoslavia l.jpg
The Former Yugoslavia

  • Genocide that took place in 1980’s and 1990’s

  • Yugoslavia created after WWI and forced to become communist.

  • Different ethnic groups can’t get along; Croats, Slovenes, Macedonians, Serbs and Montenegrins

  • When Soviet Union fell ethnic groups in Europe began demanding independence

  • Serbian troops (lead by Slobodan Milosevic) massacred Bosnian Muslims.

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The End

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