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Career Planning of Youth

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Individuals assume primary responsibility for career planning, career goals setting and training. Top 10 Important Job Factors for College Graduates ...

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career planning of youth
Career Planning of Youth青少年生涯規劃
  • Job or Career
  • Job--- is a piece of work, either to be done, or to be completed.
  • Career---

1. Progress through life

2. way of making a living, profession, advancement, life long sequence of jobs

career planning for youth
Career Planning for Youth青少年生涯規劃
  • Dr. Ronald Super defined “Career” as:

1. as a process of professional development, not limited to occupational but also includes personal development.

2. As the sequence of positions held by a person during his or her life time

career planning is
Career Planning Is
  • A rational, continuous commitment made with consideration of personal interest, abilities, resources, opportunities, investments to develop the potential fully towards the career goals established
career development the way it was
Career Development—the way it was
  • Career development programs were typically designed by organizations to help employees advance their work lives with specific objectives
  • To provide the information assessment and training needed to help employees actualize their career goals
career development the way it is
Career Development—The way it is
  • The individual not the organization is responsible for his or her own career
  • You must take responsibilities for designing and developing your own career
a boundaryless career
A Boundaryless Career
  • Individual rather than organization define career progression, organizational loyalty, important skills and marketplace value
  • There are no norms and few rules to guide
  • Individuals assume primary responsibility for career planning, career goals setting and training
top 10 important job factors for college graduates
Top 10 Important Job Factors for College Graduates
  • Enjoying what they do
  • Opportunity to use skills and abilities
  • Opportunity for personal development
  • Feeling what they do matters
  • Benefits
  • Recognition for good performance
  • Friendly co-workers
  • Job location
  • Lots of money
  • Working on teams
are these characteristics of youth
Are these characteristics of Youth?
  • Academic performance not so impressive
  • Not much work related experience
  • Social skills inadequate
  • Unclear career planning
  • Readiness to work is low
  • Inadequate job information
  • Poor job search skills
  • Job interview skills not well trained
  • Presentation skills not attractive
planning in uncertain environment
Planning in uncertain environment
  • Dynamic environments are more the norm than exception
  • Plans need to be specific and flexible
  • Planning is an ongoing process
  • Plan as road map although destination may be changing
  • Stay highly alert to environmental changes
approaches to personal strategic planning
Approaches to (personal) Strategic Planning
  • SWOT analysis
  • strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats,
  • for human being, also values, ethics and social obligations,
environmental scanning
Environmental Scanning
  • Economic, legal or regulatory, political, technological or medical, social, demographic, cultural, competitive factors.
  • Should examine both the specific and general environments to see what is/are changing
opportunities and threats
Opportunities and Threats
  • Opportunities are positive trends in external environment
  • Threats are negative trends in external environment
  • Same environment can present different situations for different people
personal resources and capabilities
Personal Resources and Capabilities
  • Internal environment scanning include knowing what resources does the you have or you can be granted, your financial position, abilities, talents, skills knowledge, development potential and networks
  • If the capabilities is exceptional and unique, it is your Core Competencies.
strengths and weaknesses
Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Strength is any activities that you do well or any unique resources that you have
  • Weakness is any activities that you do not do well or resources you need but do not possess
doing a personal swot
Doing A Personal SWOT
  • Assessing personal strengths and weakness
  • Identify career opportunities and threats
  • Outlining five-year career path—goals to be achieved five years after graduation
  • Outlining a five-year career action plan—get specific what you are going to do and make the goals realized
  • Small changes, fuse strategy formulation and implementation
  • Emphasizes realism, both minor and major decisions
invaluable competences
Invaluable Competences
  • Honest
  • Initiation
  • Problem solving
  • Caring
  • Accountable/ Responsible
  • High impact communication