the work of bible lands in egypt l.
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But only a few hundred metres away

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BibleLands works with partners across Egypt to bring hope to this desperate situation... Sudanese refugees continue to arrive in Egypt, many having lost everything. ...

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BibleLands is a Christian Agency which supports and resources Christians in the lands of the Bible as they serve the needs of the poor, vulnerable and disadvantaged through education, health care and community development.


One third of the population lives either very close to or under the poverty line.


With a rising population and inflation at record levels, there is little hope of improvement in the future.

BibleLands works with partners across Egypt to bring hope to this desperate situation…


In some of the poorest suburbs of Cairo, people live in cramped conditions. Sewage runs outside homes, and roads are congested with animals, rubbish carts, young children and cars.

But only a few hundred metres away, 15,000 people actually live and work among the rubbish of the city, alongside their animals, dirt and disease

– they are the Zabaleen community.

The Salaam Centrefor Medico-Social Services (SCMSS)lies at the heart of this bleak landscape.


The Centre particularly works in Ezbet El Nakhl with the Zabaleen (meaning ‘rubbish pickers’), who live on the rubbish dump in small huts, literally built from the rubbish that surrounds them.


The Salaam Centre provides healthcare in the form of a hospital and clinic, and a school for children with mental and/or physical disabilities…


…offering the Zabaleen community health visitors to provide both health care and a hope for the future.


Refuge Egypt & St Andrews Refugee Services care for these displaced people in Egypt…

…including providing emergency relief, education, training and support to those who have lost everything.

…in partnership with the Development of Upper Egypt Trust (DUET), which works with those who live in poverty across the region…

helping to build houses
…helping to build houses

and providing vocational training and rehabilitation facilities for young people
…and providing vocational training and rehabilitation facilities for young people.


Many people in Egypt are unable to afford the cost of adequate healthcare – for themselves or their families.


Harpur Memorial Hospital in Menouf seeks to serve the poor and disadvantaged, by providing affordable, quality care.


The hospital has recently undergone extensive renovation work to provide comfortable and attractive new wards and theatres for patients.


Everybody is welcome at the Harpur hospital in Menouf – regardless of faith or ethnicity, and this welcome, love and care for all is really appreciated by the local community.


Children are often among the most vulnerable and disadvantaged members of society.

Many of our Partners in Egyptwork tirelessly to ensure that children are not forgotten, ignored or mistreated – and have access to care, support, shelter and love.


Shams el Birr is one such Partner, located in 6 October City.

The Centre cares for 60 children, both boys and girls, who have a variety of disabilities.


The centre runs three projects: education, vocational training and rehabilitation and there is also a boarding section where many of them stay during term-time.

The Centre provides all its services free of charge, so that those who most need it can receive its help.


Many of the children arrive at Shams el Birr withdrawn and uncommunicative, because of the lack of stimulation they have received during their short lives.

However, within a short time, they begin to learn to communicate with other people.


The Deaf Unit in Cairo provides a school, vocational training centre and a social club for those with hearing impairment.

Working with children of all ages…


…and adults too – the vocational training centre makes a huge difference in many people’s lives.


Thank you for all your generous support – enabling us to continue to carry out this vital work in Egypt, and in the other lands of the Bible.


For more information about the work of BibleLands and our Overseas Partners see our website: