Tv texts beyond or outside of narrative fiction
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TV Texts Beyond or Outside of Narrative Fiction - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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TV Texts Beyond or Outside of Narrative Fiction . TELEVISION’S VERSION OF REALITY: The TV World vs. “The Historical World” and The Presence of “Social Actors”. Key Programs in the History of “Reality” TV.

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TV Texts

Beyond or Outside of

Narrative Fiction

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TELEVISION’S VERSION OF REALITY:The TV World vs.“The Historical World”and The Presence of “Social Actors”

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Key Programs in the History of “Reality” TV

1973 - PBS premiers its 12 part series, An American Family,a “typical” family is scrutinized for several months through 16mm cinema verité.

1992 - MTV’s The Real World, in which 7 diverse people are placed in a single environment to see how they react.

2000 - CBS’s Survivor, in which diverse adults are placed in a remote, primitive setting, given tasks to perform for an ultimate prize of one million dollars.

Four modes of non fictional presentation l.jpg
Four Modes of Non Fictional Presentation

EXPOSITORY - Direct address; Persuasive intent

INTERACTIVE - Producers Insert Themselves in the HW or Vice Versa

OBSERVATIONAL - A type of Cinema Verite; no overt attempt to persuade

REFLEXIVE - Acknowledging the TV Production of this ‘reality’

Non narrative television genres l.jpg

Newscasts - Local & National; Sports & News & Weather

Sports Programming - Live & Recorded Coverage of competition & Talk Shows associated with them.

Quiz or Game Shows - From shows like: The Price is Right & Who Wants to Be A Millionaire to Survivor & American Idol

Numerous Reality Show - The Real World; Cops; Variations/Subgenres Big Brother; Deadliest Catch

Most prolific reality show auteur mark burnett l.jpg
Most Prolific Reality Show Auteur:Mark Burnett

A Selection of His Productions:

SurvivorThe ApprenticeMartha StewartAre You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?My Dad is Better Than Your Dad

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Most Honored Reality Show Today :Has received numerous Emmy Awards, Including For EditingThe Amazing RaceCreated by Elise Doganieri & Bertram van Munster in 2001Main Producer: Jerry Bruckheimer