Timor loroae formerly east timor
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Timor Loroae (formerly East Timor). Map of Timor. Timor’s Flag. Country Quick Facts Timor Loroae. Capital City : Dili Population : 1,131,612 Main Religions: Christianity (mostly Roman Catholic), animism, Islam Main People Groups : Timorese, Indonesian

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Timor Loroae(formerly East Timor)

Country quick facts timor loroae l.jpg
Country Quick FactsTimor Loroae

  • Capital City:Dili

  • Population: 1,131,612

  • Main Religions: Christianity (mostly Roman Catholic), animism, Islam

  • Main People Groups: Timorese, Indonesian

  • Main Languages:Tetum, Portuguese, English, Bahasa Indonesian

More quick facts timor loroae l.jpg
More Quick Facts Timor Loroae

  • Location: Eastern Timor Loroae covers the eastern half of the island of Timor. To find this island, look above the huge island of Australia.

  • The Land: Mountains run through the center of Timor Loroae. Rivers run down from the mountains to the sea. Some of the forests have valuable trees such as teak, rosewood, and sandalwood, but much of the forest has been cut down. Eastern Timor Loroae is the size of our state of Vermont.

More quick facts east timor l.jpg
More Quick Facts East Timor

  • Weather: The weather in eastern Timor Loroae is very warm year-round. The southern part gets more rain, while the north is dry. December through March is the rainy season, and some of the rains, called monsoons, are very heavy.

  • Assemblies of God Facts: 161 pastors, 112 churches, 14,663 members, 1 Bible school that is training 51 students.

Let s pray l.jpg

  • for more pastors to be trained and churches to be started all over Timor Loroae.

  • for the children. Many of them lost parents in the fighting years ago. Many do not go to school and live in the streets, and there are few jobs for young people. Pray they find hope in Jesus.

  • that our missionaries can help spread the Good News in Timor.

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BGMC helped the schools in Timor Loroae …

with school supplies

and school repairs