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Study Tips. Find your own quiet place to study Plan a study time in your daily schedule Take short breaks to stretch, dance, get fresh air, etc. Avoid snacking while studying, take a break to eat Get enough sleep Join a study group

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study tips
Study Tips
  • Find your own quiet place to study
  • Plan a study time in your daily schedule
  • Take short breaks to stretch, dance, get fresh air, etc.
  • Avoid snacking while studying, take a break to eat
  • Get enough sleep
  • Join a study group
  • Eat a light meal before an exam. Don’t go to an exam hungry!
want to get ahead in the workplace
Want to Get Ahead in the Workplace?
  • Join clubs: Practice leadership skills
  • Establish a work ethic
  • Learn to gather info quickly
  • Get fit: Look, act & think healthy
  • Practice solving problems
  • Improve writing skills
plan for success
Plan for Success!

Gateway Student Success Center

  • Academic Advising
  • Career Counseling
  • Employment Services

Resources for help: call 523-4772

the learning assistance centers lac offer
The Learning Assistance Centers (LAC) Offer:
  • Individual tutoring
  • Online tutoring
  • Study groups
  • Supplemental Instruction
  • Study skills help

* Free services to students

* Resources for

make sure you get enough sleep
Make Sure You Get Enough Sleep…
  • Go to bed at the same time every night
  • Exercise regularly – but not too near bedtime
  • Avoid caffeine in the afternoon & evening
  • Avoid food & fluids near sleep time
  • Engage in a relaxing activity prior to sleep
for every minute spent in organizing an hour is earned author unknown

Timely Tips

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.” -Author unknown
  • Write a To-Do-List every morning
  • Break large tasks down into smaller ones
  • Seek balance – schedule time for what you want and need to do
  • Make “waiting time” useful time
  • Consent is when both adult parties verbally agree to participate in a sexual act. If at any time, one of the participants says “NO,” then there is no consent.
  • Without consent includes if the victim is coerced or incapable of giving consent by being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, asleep, or cognitively impaired.

Resources for Help: For more information on sexual assault education, violence prevention, check out

healthy eating what s in it for you
Healthy EatingWhat’s in it for You?

Good nutrition can improve:

  • Endurance
  • Mood
  • Strength
  • Energy expenditure
  • Immune function
  • Self esteem
  • Sleep
  • Weight management
  • Stress management
  • Test performance
healthy snacks
Stock your mini fridge with:





Carrot sticks

Low fat milk

Tomato juice

Bean burrito

Stock your snack shelf with:

Whole grain cereal


Low fat microwave popcorn


Herbal tea


Healthy Snacks
  • *Skip the high fat cookies, chips, candy and sugary cereals
tips for eating well everyday
Tips for Eating Well Everyday
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables (At least 2 cups fruit and 2 ½ cups vegetables daily)
  • Choose whole grains & beans, not highly processed baked goods
  • Limit saturated fat, added sugars & salt
nutrition services at fronske health center
Nutrition Services at Fronske Health Center

Nutrition Counseling For:


Medical conditions

Eating Disorders

Weight Management


Nutritionist: Jo Cahill, M.S.,R.D.

*No referral needed

*Call 928 523-8995 to schedule an appointment

*Fee: $18.00 per visit or FREE with Student Blue or Gold Plan

having sex without protection
Having Sex without Protection?

Why take a chance?

Get the facts.

Get protected.

Go to …

Online Birth Control Class

A quick, convenient way to get the facts

and get your birth control at Fronske

cold flu prevention
Cold & Flu Prevention

Get a “Flu Shot”.

Call 523-6359 for info.

Wash hands frequentlyAlso, avoid touching your hands to your mouth, nose, and eyes.

Avoid alcohol and recreational drugsthey can lower the immune system

Get plenty of sleepsleep aides the immune system

Eat a balanced, healthy diet phytonutrients help boost the immune system

Exercise regularlymoderate exercise relieves stress and boosts the immune system

getting over that cold faster
Getting Over that Cold Faster
  • Plenty of sleep. Sleeping 8-10 hours a day can help improve recovery time.
  • Rest. Taking it easy for a day or two to prevent complications.
  • Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs. They lower your immunity.
  • Drinkplenty of fluids- Choose water, juices, soups, and herbal tea. Avoid alcohol and caffeine.
  • Visit your health care provider – Fronske providers can provide advice.
stay healthy wash your hands
Stay Healthy: Wash Your Hands…
  • When your roommate is sick
  • Before inserting contact lenses
  • Before eating
  • After working out
  • After using the bathroom
stay energized
Stay Energized!
  • Breathe deeply
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Drink at least 8 cups of water every day
  • Eat fruit instead of candy
  • Stretch
  • Take a walk
  • Sleep 7-8 hours nightly
feeling depressed is common

Feeling Depressed is Common

1 in 4 NAU students report being depressed 3 or more times in the past school year.

NAU Resources for Help



  • Exhausted (not from physical activity)
  • Overwhelmed
  • Very sad
  • Things are hopeless
  • Not sleeping well
  • Can’t concentrate or
  • So depressed it’s difficult to function

This may be depression. If you are having any of these symptoms for more than 2 weeks, seek help.

NAU Resources for Help

71 of nau students have four or fewer or no drinks when they party or socialize

We got the facts from you.

71% of NAU students have four or fewer or no drinks when they party or socialize.

We got the facts from you. NAU-National College Health Assessment 2007 Survey (740 respondents) administered to a random sample of NAU students

report doing one or more of the following
Use a sober, designated driver

Avoid drinking games

Choose not to drink alcohol

Drink non-alcoholic look-alikes

Pace drinks to one or fewer drinks an hour

Decide in advance not to exceed a set number of drinks

Eat before and/or during drinking

Keep track of the number of drinks consumed

Alternate non-alcoholic with alcoholic beverages

98.6% of NAU students who drink

report doing one or more of the following:

…always or usually when they party or socialize

arizona s impaired driving law
Arizona’s Impaired Driving Law:

It’s illegal to drive under the influence of alcohol or other drugs when your ability to drive is impaired to the slightest degree.

  • $1,000 fine plus surcharges
  • $1,000 assessment fee
  • $3,500-plus in attorney fees
  • 10 days in jail
  • Loss of time from school and work
  • Inability to gain employment

Cost of a DUI:

92 of nau students do not drink drive

92% of NAU students do NOT drink & drive

If you drink, be responsible:Plan ahead, designate a sober driver, or call a cab.

We got the facts from you.

Health & Wellness Survey 2006 (1,089 respondents)

administered to a random sample of NAU students

have a healthy weekend
Have a Healthy Weekend
  • Get plenty of rest
  • Don’t skip meals
  • Enjoy the outdoors
  • Wear sun block
  • Study
  • Plan for next week
  • Contact friends & family
  • Avoid abusing alcohol or other drugs
why exercise
Why Exercise?
  • To feel great
  • To sleep better
  • To look good
  • To release stress
  • To stay relaxed
  • To restore self confidence
  • To stop smoking
  • To meet new friends
  • To challenge myself
campus fitness resources
Campus Fitness Resources

Find an activity that suits you. NAU options include:

The Recreation Center 523-1732

Outdoor Recreation 523-2732

(trips & classes)

Intramurals 523-3111

Wall Aquatic Center 523-4509

Fieldhouse 523-1523

2 basketball courts, 2 tennis courts

mental fitness tips
Mental Fitness Tips
  • Use positive self-talk
  • Think optimistically
  • Pay it forward
  • Think optimistically
  • View life’s challenges as opportunities
  • Laugh
  • Breathe deeply
thinking about improving your mental fitness
Thinking about improving your mental fitness?

Proven stress reduction strategies

  • Recognize the need to cope
  • Identify sources of stress
  • Identify your signs of stress
  • Generate multiple coping strategies
  • Use a variety of strategies to solve problems and distress

NAU Resources for Help

mental fitness tip coping with disappointment
Mental Fitness Tip: Coping with Disappointment
  • Be flexible, roll with the punches
  • Share your feelings with someone else
  • Re-evaluate your expectations
  • Be willing to change your expectations
  • Learn from the experience to become stronger
  • Think positively