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  1. NEXT My Self Presentation Hobbies Music Fashion My name is Dominique Gilmore I live in Houston, TX. I go to Elsik High School and I’m in the ninth grade. I play on the freshman football team, and this PowerPoint is all about me. When I am done showing you my power point you will know practically everything about me. Family Sports By: Dominique Gilmore

  2. Hobbies NEXT LAST Hobbies Some of my hobbies include drawing, playing video games, watch television, and also getting on the internet. Music Fashion Family Sports

  3. Music LAST NEXT Hobbies Music that I like to listen to are rap, hip hop, backpack rap, R&B, little rock, and a little country. Music Fashion Family Sports

  4. NEXT LAST Fashion Hobbies The clothing I like to wear the most are polo, locoste, izod, dickies, red fox, makeveli, Steve and Barry clothes, red fox jeans, indigo jeans, drunken monkey’s, polo jeans, air force 1 shoes, adidas, vans, Jordans, and Nike shoes. Music Fashion Family Sports

  5. Family NEXT LAST Hobbies My family members that stay with me are my momma Regina, my step dad Theron, my brother Cameron, my step sister Mercedes, and my little sister Taylor. Music Fashion Family Sports

  6. LAST Sports Hobbies Sports is probably one of the biggest things I enjoy next to girls. The sports I enjoy playing are football, basketball, baseball, track, and I also enjoy playing soccer but not as much as the other sports. Music Fashion Family Sports