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Discovering PowerPoint Secrets

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Discovering PowerPoint Secrets - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Discovering PowerPoint Secrets. Kim Laursen, Education Coordinator UNMC Information Technology Services. Layout and Design. Quick Templates & Autocontent Wizard Use sans serif font with larger x-height (Arial, Verdana) Use Slide Master for Consistency Summary Slide

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discovering powerpoint secrets

Discovering PowerPoint Secrets

Kim Laursen, Education Coordinator

UNMC Information Technology Services

layout and design
Layout and Design
  • Quick Templates & Autocontent Wizard
  • Use sans serif font with larger x-height (Arial, Verdana)
  • Use Slide Master for Consistency
  • Summary Slide
  • Create your own templates
too much text
Font size and style - A or A

5 x 5 rule

Expand one slide into two:

If your text doesn't fit well on one slide, split it into two columns or two slides.

Two slides

Click at the end of the last item you want on the first slide and press the ENTER key.

On the Outline toolbar, click Promote until a New Slide icon appears.

Type a title for the new slide

Too much text
slide tips
Slide Tips
  • Ctrl M - Quickly add new slide
  • Hide slides – right click on slide in left pane and click Hide Slide
  • Select several slides for changing – Hold Shift or Ctrl keys while selecting
  • Slide Design - Animation Scheme task pane
nudge and align objects
Nudge and align objects

Layout and Design

Organizing Content

Graphics and



Select objects and click Draw (from drawing toolbar) and Align or Distribute options

organizing content
Organizing Content
  • Outline pane
  • Add current date and time and slide numbers
  • Add content first, then spend time adding bells and whistles
  • Hyperlink to other slides
  • Change color of hyperlinks
    • Edit Color schemes
graphics and multimedia
Graphics and Multimedia
  • Free photos/pictures on web
    • and click on Quick Links,
  • Faded photos as backgrounds
  • Background and font colors
charts and graphs
Charts and Graphs
  • Widen bars in bar chart
  • Save properties of favorite chart to use for future charts
  • Animate charts
graphic objects
Graphic objects
  • Shadow and 3D effects
  • Gradients
  • Callouts
  • Add animated autoshapes to emphasize points
  • Change autoshapes
  • Recolor Office clips
  • If using sounds that play automatically on slides, remove icon from the slide
special elements
Special Elements
  • Looping a sound throughout more than one slide
  • Insert comments for reminders
  • Animation effects
  • Don’t overdo it!
  • Practice, Practice Practice
  • Record narration to rehearse your delivery
    • Requires microphone
    • Slide Show > Record Narration
  • Handouts
    • From PowerPoint
    • From Word
  • Package for CD (Pack and Go)
  • Black out or white out a screen (B or W keys)