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ABEA Digitools Workshop

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ABEA Digitools Workshop. Presented by: Gigi Bird, Ailene Easley, and Diane Welch. What is DigiTools?. DigiTools is short for digital tools. Digital hardware tools include: Personal computers Portable or laptop computers Tablet PCs

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ABEA Digitools Workshop

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abea digitools workshop

ABEA Digitools Workshop

Presented by:

Gigi Bird, Ailene Easley,

and Diane Welch

what is digitools
What is DigiTools?

DigiTools is short for digital tools. Digital hardware tools include:

  • Personal computers
  • Portable or laptop computers
  • Tablet PCs
  • Handhelds and PDAs: Palm Pilots, Handspring Visors, and Pocket PCs
  • Wireless phones
  • Digital cameras
  • Pagers
  • Scanners
  • Networking hardware such as hubs, routers, access points, and switches
  • Other digital devices
you might use digitools to
You might use DigiTools to:
  • Send e-mail
  • Transmit instant messages
  • Write reports
  • Create charts and graphs
  • Calculate your taxes and income
  • Burn (create) CDs and DVDs
  • Design Web sites
  • Develop tables
  • Make phone calls
  • Send videos and photographs

Speech/Handwriting User Interface

2000 

Text User Interface


Graphical User Interface


The New “DigiTools” Mix DigiTools combines text, speech and handwriting with a graphical user interface to drastically improve the production rate of every teacher and student.

bill gates on the tablet pc
Bill Gates on the Tablet PC

Bill Gates -- Comdex 2001 in November

“The Tablet takes cutting-edge PC technology and makes it available wherever you want it, which is why I'm already using a Tablet as my everyday computer. It's a PC that is virtually without limits -- and within five years (3.25 years and counting) I predict it will be the most popular form of PC sold in America." [PCs with Tablet capabilities]

(BillGates Keynote Speech, Comdex 2001, downloaded from HTTP://www.microsoft.com/presspass/press/2001/.


How will these changes in technology affect future learning and the way we use computers at work, home and, more importantly, in the classroom?

implication 1 new computer literacy skills
Implication # 1New Computer Literacy Skills
  • Penmanship
  • Reading Aloud Clearly
  • Pronunciation & Enunciation
implication 3 reduction in keyboarding
Implication # 3Reduction in Keyboarding
  • Speech:

120-170 wpm @ 95% and above 6-18 hours

  • Handwriting:

20-30 @ 95% wpm 1-3 hours

  • Keying:

35-65 wpm @ 95% plus constant review

implication 4 speech will reduce injuries
Implication # 4Speech Will Reduce Injuries
  • 10.5% Carpal
  • 25%-33% RSI
  • 1.8 Million Impacted
  • CTS, Trigger, Tendonitis
Policy Statement 73: The Policies Commission also took a powerful position on the injury prevention issue with the following statement:
  • "We believe that students must be made aware of the health benefits of an integrated approach to text and data input. Research indicates that carpal tunnel syndrome and other repetitive strain injuries may be linked to occupations that require repetitive use of the hands (i.e., keyboarding and mouse operations). Varying the use of computer-input technologies reduces the risk of repetitive motion injuries."
  • Please take the time to share the entire document... www.speakingsolutions.com/news/art16.htm
the future of keyboarding it s dis app ear ing
The Future of Keyboarding:It’s Disappearing

Here are some medical reasons why!

  • Types of RSIs
    • RSIs of the hands and wrists are often called Cumulative Trauma Disorders(CTD).
    • The famous Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is actually a relatively uncommon CTD.
    • More common are Tendinitis and Tenosynovitis, which are disorders of the tendons and tendon sheath.
      • These disorders are not easy to diagnose and are not always diagnosed correctly.

Exact causes of CTDs are not known, but several factors are known to contribute to the development of CTDs.

    • Persistent pain
    • Tingling
    • Numbness
    • Burning or aching
  • Contributing Factors
    • Repetitous use or trauma
    • Holding non-neutral postures
    • Localized pressure, particularly the elbow and wrist
    • Force
    • Cold
    • Vibration
  • Breaks. Frequent breaks rest the muscles and tendons.
  • Relax. Tensing the muscles makes them work harder.
  • Move. Do not stay in positions near the extremes of your joint range of motion.
  • Minimize contact with sharp surfaces or hard surfaces.
  • Don’t use more force than is needed. Modern computer keyboards need the lightest tap to activate the keys.
  • Move with smooth even motions.
  • Keep hands and fingers warm.
  • Consider stressors in the environment
    • Deadlines or pressures for productivity can make people rush and forget good posture and technique
    • Stress can reduce immune system function and lower resistance.
  • Variety. Change posture and activities often.
  • Monitor all ergonomic remedies. Wrist rests and other so-called ergonomic fixes may cause more trouble than they fix. Monitor use to make sure they are effective and used properly.
why are there more rsis today
Why are there more RSIs today?
  • In a typewriter, the keyboard is higher above the countertop than the computer keyboard.
    • Typewriters were not a source of RSIs since your wrists did not rest on the countertop
    • Extensive use of computers and text messaging has contributed to
new keyboarding class structure
New Keyboarding Class Structure
  • 15 minutes of Keyboarding
  • 15 minutes of digital handwriting
  • 15 minutes of speech recognition
speech recognition
Speech Recognition
  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking
  • Microsoft Office 2003
  • Microsoft Vista (in January 2007) to come fully loaded on all new computers with Microsoft Windows Vista operating system
  • Headsets are a must (Plantronics .Audio 50 USB are recommended)
  • Digital pens and tablets
    • WACOM Graphire4 writing pad
    • Recommended tether with pen
  • One Note (comes with Office 2007)
    • Can be purchased separately to be installed with your Office Suite
  • Microsoft Word writing pad

Then use your pen or your mouse to write in cursive on the Writing Pad and it will appear on your document too.


Then use your pen or your mouse to write in cursive on the Writing Pad and it will appear in cursive on your screen too.


Select Text shortcut button .

Then select the Text shortcut button and text will appear on your screen as you write in cursive.

Then use your pen or your mouse to write in cursive on the Writing Pad and it will appear typed on your document too.

dragon naturallyspeaking 854

Dragon NaturallySpeaking 8

Nifty Fifty

Training Capsule 1

training capsule 1
Training Capsule 1
  • You are about to learn the most exciting speech recognition software on the market today — Dragon NaturallySpeaking® 8.
  • With Dragon you can:
    • Voice-write between 110-170 words per minute
    • Format and edit documents with your voice
    • Achieve over 96% accuracy by developing proper technique
    • Avoid computer related injuries by reducing your typing and mouse clicking
training capsule 156
Training Capsule 1
  • Start Dragon NaturallySpeaking by clicking the DRAGON icon on your desktop or by choosing START, (ALL) PROGRAMS, DRAGONNATURALLYSPEAKING.
training capsule 157
Training Capsule 1
  • As Dragon opens, you may see the Tip of the Day. Read a few tips then click Close to continue.
training capsule 158
Training Capsule 1
  • Open the Manage Users dialog box by choosing NaturallySpeaking followed by Manage Users.
training capsule 159
Training Capsule 1
  • Click New to create a new user file.
training capsule 160
Training Capsule 1
  • Enter your name and choose Next.
  • Is everyone ready to continue?
training capsule 162
Training Capsule 1
  • Position your headset according to the instructions, then choose Next.
training capsule 163
Training Capsule 1
  • Now, adjust your volume. Choose Start Volume Check & read aloud.
training capsule 164
Training Capsule 1
  • Now, test audio quality. Choose Start Quality Check & read aloud

You want a score of 19 or higher. Sixteen is The minimum score.

  • Is everyone ready to continue?
training capsule 166
Training Capsule 1
  • Now, read a few warm up sentences.
training capsule 167
Training Capsule 1
  • Choose the first story and choose OK.
training capsule 168
Training Capsule 1
  • Start reading at the yellow arrow.

Choose Pause if you need to stop.

Choose Redo if you make a mistake.

Choose Skip if you get stuck on a word.

training capsule 169
Training Capsule 1
  • After you’ve finished reading, choose OK.
training capsule 170
Training Capsule 1
  • Your speech will then be analyzed. Don’t touch the computer! Let it think for a few minutes.
  • Is everyone ready to continue?
training capsule 172
Training Capsule 1
  • Choose Skip This Step (Not Recommended)
training capsule 173
Training Capsule 1
  • View the Tutorial if you have time. Otherwise choose Begin dictating.
training capsule 174
Training Capsule 1
  • View the Tutorial. Choose Quit to start Dragon.
training capsule 175
Training Capsule 1
  • As Dragon opens, you’ll see the Tip of the Day. Read a few tips then pick Close to begin.
  • Is everyone ready to continue?
    • Dragon Pad
    • Microsoft Word

You can train words that the computer does not correctly dictate for you. When this happens, Dragon trains what you say so that the dictation error will most likely not happen again.