Desert and rain forest
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Desert and Rain Forest. By Sarah D104. Deserts are a very dry, hot

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Desert and Rain Forest

By Sarah


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Deserts are a very dry, hot

environment. It never rains or snows there, it is always sunny. Shockingly there could be dust storms or tiny dust tornadoes so it could be very dangerous. If there where to be an earthquake you should be a distance away from tall mountains like this one in the picture, just to be safe. The hottest temperature ever recorded in the United States Desert was 134º F at Death Valley in July, 1913.

These dust tornadoes

can also go by the names

sand auger

or dust whirl

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This creepy lizard is called the Thorny Devil.

This animal has thorns all over its body. It can

camouflage with its surroundings to make

sure their predators don’t see them ,or, eat them.

The total length that they can grow is 20 cm. (That is one small lizard) This is a harmless reptile. It is so

small you could only see a spec of red, yellow, and

a little brown. The Thorny Devil lays 3 to 10 eggs

underground, between September and January.

The Thorny Devil lives for 20 years.

This very slow animal is called, the Desert

Tortoise . The tortoise is located in the

southern deserts. It has adapted very

well on digging borrows. The tortoise

can grow to 9-15 inches in length and,

can be 4-8 inches high, and weigh from 8-

450 Pounds. A tortoise can live From 80 –

100 years old.

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This is one prickly plant, it is called the

Barrel Cactus . This is the tallest Cactus in

all of The Northern Deserts. It can get to

12 ft. tall. There are parallel ridges that have

dangerously sharp 3-4 inch spines.

This is one beautiful plant, it is called the

Crimson Hedgehog Cactus. The hedgehog

cactus has clusters of three spines along

its ribs. Each spine can be 2 to 3 inches

long. The flowers are a deep red color, and

They grow into a cup shape. The flowers

bloom In April-June, the first flowers in the

Desert To be bloomed.

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The Rain Forest is a wet place.

It frequently rains there and has lots of Waterfalls like the one in this picture. In the Rain Forest it rains so much It can fill a tank that is 17 feet tall. Often waterfalls, ponds, and swamp areas, can create algae or bacteria.

Due to the high amount of water in the Rain Forest things can grow in areas you would not expect, like trees or plants can grow in very weird places like

Swamps, ponds, and waterfalls.

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This animal is one of the most dangerous

predator In the Rain Forest, It is called the

Jaguar . the female jaguar Can grow To

be 7-10 Ft. tall .Also can weight 250-400

lbs. This animal is endangered There

is only 95 in California and only 5 in Florida

and one in the San Diego Zoo.

This is one of the most frightening insect

in the Rain Forest. It is called the tarantula.

The weight of a Tarantula is 1-5 oz. . The

length of one leg of a tarantula is 1-4 ins.

long. Some tarantulas are poisonous but

not this one.

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Do you know what this plant is called?

it is called Bougainvillea.

Bougainvillea can get to 4-19 feet tall.

The tallest bougainvillea plant is 19 feet. Also bougainvillea is just

like the Crimson Hedgehog Cactus.

It is just like the Crimson Hedgehog Cactus because it grows into the shape of a cup and a little flower grows inside.

This is one tall tree it is called a coconut

tree. Coconut trees can grow to 50-80

feet tall. Also, their feathery branches can

grow to 15-17 feet long. The color of the

branches are a yellow greenish color and

the color of the trunk is a light brown color.

In one year a coconut tree can produce

50-70 coconuts . Coconut trees can only

grow in warm areas and can get lots of

sunlight, and with moist ground or soil.