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The Rain Forest

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The Rain Forest

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  1. The Rain Forest By Brianne Anderson

  2. A monkey has a long tail to help it balance on trees. Monkeys also have strong back legs to help it jump from tree to tree. Monkeys have opposable thumbs to help it climb and eat. Monkeys are omnivores.

  3. The Poisons Dart Frog hasbright colors to warn that it doesn’t taste good. It also has sticky toes to stick on to leaves or the bark of a tree. The poisons dart frog is very poisons and it’s predator knows that from it’s last taste of it. It’s a omnivore.

  4. Adaptations of a toucan The toucans has sharp talons to help it stay on trees. It also has a sharp beak to help it crack nuts. The toucan has bright colored feathers to help it blend in with the leaves on the trees . It is a omnivore.

  5. Rain forest vegetation These trees can live in the rain forest because it can adapt to the humid weather . It also rains a lot so these trees get a lot of water. Trees in the rain forest have leaves droop down so that the water can get to the roots. The rain forest trees also have tough bark so when animals climb they won’t be harmed.

  6. Food Chains Plant, insect and plankton eaters: frogs, fish, bandicoots, possums, echidnas, most birds, wallabies and kangaroos, mushrooms The plant is the producer. There isn’t any omnivores. The wallabies are the carnivores. The insects are the herbivores. The Mushrooms are the decomposers.

  7. Positive impact and Negative impact We have given the rain forest positive impacts. One positive impact is that we recycle paper. We also reserve water . We have been giving the rain forest positive impacts. At the same time we have been giving the rainforest negative impacts. For starters we have been cutting down it’s trees. We also have polluting the air with the machines that we use to cut down the trees. These things are really bad for this biome.