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Dentists in Fleet Hampshire UK PowerPoint Presentation
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Dentists in Fleet Hampshire UK

Dentists in Fleet Hampshire UK

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Dentists in Fleet Hampshire UK

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  1. Welcome to Zebon Dental Zebon Copse is a private dental practice located in the small town of Church Crookham, Fleet. 

  2. About Us Here at Zebon Dental we believe that prevention is the key to a healthy, happy smile. Everything we do is geared towards caring for you and your dental needs. Each mouth is unique, so the attention and care we give you will be specifically tailored to you. We are a small, friendly team and we will do our best to ensure your visit to us is not only beneficial to you, but enjoyable too. We will help you make informed decisions about your oral care and if repair treatment is needed we will ensure you are fully informed of all aspects prior to the treatment.  Our aim is make your experience with us as beneficial and enjoyable as possible.

  3. Your Care When we first see you, you will have a thorough mouth and dental examination and, if necessary, X-rays will be also be taken. You will be able to discuss previous dental experiences and tell us how you would like your mouth to look and feel.As a practice, we try to use minimally invasive dentistry as far as possible. This includes a special diagnostic test to locate hidden decay which allows us to provide tailored preventative advice to remineralise lesions, thus avoiding the need for fillings. Small cavities can be treated with air abrasion or drill-free dentistry, which do not require anaesthetic.

  4. Orthodontics There's only one chance to get orthodontics (tooth straightening) right -the first time - and if it’s done badly it can lead to an uncomfortable mouth and worn and broken teeth later in life. Whilst we are not specialists in this area (we know we can’t do everything to our high standards) so if you need this kind of treatment we will refer to the specialists in whom we have confidence. Good orthodontics is an essential part of preventive dentistry. Teeth which are in the right place look beautiful and do not break in middle age. We have excellent connections with the best local orthodontists. They will offer to treat children under the National Health Service if treatment is available while offering a private option if this is appropriate.

  5. Cosmetic A Smile Makeover not only restores your smile, it restores your confidence and in many cases, boosts your entire outlook on life! How many of us feel self-conscious about our appearance because of a chipped tooth or a smile we’re not proud of? - but it can be difficult to choose the right dentist. You’ll want to look for experience, reputation and expertise. At Zebon Copse Dental Practice, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic options, all in a relaxed professional environment. We can identify and correct problem areas, using the latest porcelain crowns, veneers and other materials, while improving your bite and facial appearance. We use only the highest quality of skill and technology available and materials that look and react (for example in ultraviolet light) in the same way as natural teeth. It's important to us is that you are happy with the results and that you feel good, look good and are proud of your new smile.

  6. Contact Us • Website: • Telephone: 01252 812008 • Fax: 01252 811968 • Email: Follow Us